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Advantages of tub cutouts

An economical solution for making your bathroom accessible If you have looked into bathroom accessibility options, one of the challenges to making your bathroom more safe and accessible is the cost of bathroom remodeling.  If you’re not ready to take the step of bathroom remodeling, or the time and expense of bathroom remodeling [...]

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4 Unique Grab Bar Systems

Four unique grab bars for safety in the bathroom & entire home Grab bars provide safety and independence in the home.  Often when people think about grab bars for the home, they don’t realize the variety and options that are available for grab bars.  Firstly it’s important to understand that there are a number [...]

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5 ways to contain water in a roll-in shower

5 Ways to Contain Water in a Roll-in Shower One of the biggest concerns with individuals looking at roll-in showers is how to contain water inside of the shower.  Barrier-free showers or low barrier showers allow for greater safety with eliminating the obstacle of a threshold which is unmanageable with roll in shower [...]

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6 Benefits of Fiberglass Roll-in Shower Surrounds

Accessible Fiberglass Roll-in Shower Surrounds The idea of having a roll-in shower surround rather than a threshold walk-in shower surround has become more commonly known and accepted.   Roll-in showers can typically be constructed of either tile, complete fiberglass surrounds, or a combination of a roll-over fiberglass base and tile walls.  Advantages of barrier [...]

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6 Grab Bar Tips for Safety & Selection

BILD offers professional grab bar sales & installations as well as evaluations, which provide important safety information. In addition, BILD has a Milwaukee based accessibility showroom, which features a wide variety of ADA rated grab bars. Here are some tips for grab bar selection and safety that can make the difference in keeping you independent [...]

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Grab Bar Solution for Fiberglass Tub & Shower Surrounds

One of the challenges for bathroom safety and mobility can be presented with traditional fiberglass shower surrounds. The problem with a typical single piece shower surround is that they do not have backing in place for gra bar placement and are set separated from the studs making it impossible to secure to the studs and [...]

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The Tornado Body Dryer

The Tornado Body Dryer – A great option for luxury, a great option for accessibility   For individuals considering accessible bathroom remodeling, a walk in tub, or any bathroom remodel, I would strongly recommend considering the benefits of the tornado body dryer.  Taking a close look at this option may be a great investment for [...]

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2013 MBA Show – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Metropolitan Builders Association (MBA) will be hosting a show here in Milwaukee Jan 11-13.  This show, Building Lifestyles, is about optimizing your home to fit your lifestyle.  The cost for the show is $8.00 at the door or $7 if you register online in advance.  It will be held at the Frontier Airlines Center, at [...]

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The 2012 Circles of Life Conference

The 2012 annual Circles of Life Conference provides information and resources to families and professionals seeking to support children with disabilities. With speakers, vendors and information, resources, support, and individual development and support for children with disabilities, the Circles of Life Conference seeks to support the lives of children with disabilities and their families. The [...]

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Milwaukee ADA Remodeling Solutions for Homes, Businesses, and Places of Worship

Milwaukee’s best resource for helping people stay in their homes is also the premier contractor for remodeling and modifying businesses and churches to become ADA accessible for individuals with disabilities. BILD serves both residential and commercial needs and provides comprehensive solutions and options for individuals with all varied levels and types of disabilities.   The [...]

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