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Rane Walk-in Bathtub
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RANE tubs are known for their superior craftsmanship and design for comfort and ease of access.

Easy side access means you can sit down first and swing your legs over. Removable panels at the bottoms of the tubs allow access for floor transfer lifts and hoyers.

Rane offers bathing comfort options such as whirlpool, air jets and comfort cushions for their units.

Best Bath Walk-in Bathtub
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Best Bath & Freedom Tubs

Best Bath offers high end and superior quality walk in tub systems with superior quality and a limited lifetime warranty. They offer compact and large size models that help to meet your individual needs for home access. They provide the finest quality, a variety of finishes (such as granite or other colored finishes) and provide a limited lifetime warranty for the tub units.

Best Bath features include: ergonomic handle design, generous tub depth, heated seats, unmatched quality and certifications, granite or custom colored designs, and limited lifetime warranty.


  • This system can be custom finished with decorative finishes including a granite style finish.
  • These systems now come with standard heated seats. This makes it much more comfortable as individuals wait for the water to drain from the tub
  • These systems are Steel reinforced and have a lifetime warranty on the door seal. This means you can have peace of mind that it will Never leak.
  • Best Bath walk in tubs are 100% made in the USA and the finest quality available
  • They are extremely easy to clean
  • These systems have a “gel-coat” finish. This means it will be easy to repair if there are scratches or damage.
  • Fiberglass surround tiles that can be custom colored and accented are available as well for custom decor
  • Best Bath walk in tubs have a lower threshold than other traditional walk in tubs, making them easier to manage getting in and out of.
  • Best bath walk in tubs also have a greater depth than other standard walk in tubs so you can soak deeper and more comfortably.
Purewater Pipeless Walk-in Bathtub System
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Purewater Pipeless Tub Systems

BILD provides pipeless walk-in tub systems through American Manufacturer Sanijet/Purewater Baths with pipeless technology which provides the most bacterial resistant option for accessible bathing.

  • Superior design eliminates mold and mildew
  • Easy to clean
  • Pipeless technology maintains a comfortable temperature


All of our tubs have a steel reinforced frame and are able to support any individual who will fit into the tub.  The structural reinforcement of the frame and system ensures not only that they tub system will accept a great amount of weight, but also that there will be no flex in the door frame.  This ensures that there will be no leakage around the door frame.

Bariatric model tubs are available as well.  One reason walk in tubs are designed somewhat narrow is that they need to fit through your home’s doorways for installation.  Having a wider tub may be a more comfortable option but may also be more costly for installation.

The actual hookup of the system is relatively uncomplicated if the plumbing is located correctly.  We utilize however licensed plumbers to ensure that you do not have to worry about leakage or water issues at a later point.  This is however individually dependent on your unique setup at home.  This is why we offer Free initial consultations to examine your particular environment.

This is not covered by insurance.  However you are able to avoid sales tax – if you purchase a unit and have it installed by us it is sales tax exempt.  If you are only purchasing the unit (and not having us install it) you can still get it sales tax exempt if you have a doctor’s prescription for it.

Dependent on the model and amenities you purchase, cost can range from about $4000 up to about $10,000.  These systems can be ordered with or without whirlpool, and/or air spa.  They can also be ordered with water heater/motor systems.  Additional factors will include plumbing, tile work and other demolition/remodeling needs.

Installation can be as little as less than 1 day to install.  Again this is something that is individual dependent and can be better answered with a Free in home consultation.

The cost to install a walk in tub unit may vary greatly depending on construction and plumbing requirements of a home.  It would be best quoted with a free in-home consultation.

Pete discusses how BILD modified his home with bathroom remodeling, door widenings, wheelchair lifts and a wheelchair ramp.