Mission Statement

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Achieving the safest, most independent, and most comfortable environment possible.

We will achieve the safest, most independent, and most comfortable environment possible for:

  • Aging adults who wish to stay in their homes
  • Persons with disabilities
  • Caregivers
  • Individuals who want to incorporate “child friendly” considerations in their designs
  • Individuals who want to create a comfortable living or visiting space for loved ones with physical or other limitations

We will help individuals to maximize their independence and quality of life, and to plan for future adjustments that will allow them to remain home as independent as possible. Experienced and practicing physical and occupational therapists who are trained specifically as accessibility experts will help to develop a well thought out plan for increasing your independence and safety.


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Experts in Aging in Place, Universal Design, Functional Design, and accessible design.

We will provide unmatched expertise in the principals of Aging in Place, Universal Design, Functional Design, and accessible design to meet individuals’ goals for their independence, as well as the safety, control, and beauty of their home environment.

We will work to provide environmentally safe and practical solutions that minimize the physical demand and burden on caregivers to protect their health and safety, promote the independence and control of the individual who is served, and minimize the cost (stress, money, and time) of ongoing caregiver needs

Please call our lift specialists today for a free consultation on the many assisted transfer options available to you. Only BILD offers the most highly trained accessibility specialists (CAPS, CEAC, ECHM, CLIPP certified) who have backgrounds as experienced occupational and physical therapists. On top of that, we are national experts who teach accessibility professionals on the topic of remodeling and accessibility options. Our unique, integrated approach and consultations with our clients, project managers, and tradesmen produce exceptional attention to detail and ensure your safety and independence.