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Stair lifts provide the freedom and peace of mind for safety within the home, and for outdoor access.  BILD is a premium stairlift company who installs, provides, and services high quality straight and curved stairlifts for both indoor and outdoor applications.  Our stairlifts offer features such as:

  • battery backup (for indoor stairlifts)
  • low maintenance and reliable track systems
  • safety stop sensors
  • call/send remote control
  • a key lock on/off control option
  • heavy duty weight capacity options
  • stair mounted brackets

With quick installation and no need for remodeling, stairlifts are a low-cost investment compared to elevators, vertical wheelchair platform lifts, or inclined wheelchair platform lifts.

BILD offer personally guaranteed satisfaction with the highest quality, lowest price, and best service available. We are national experts who teach accessibility professionals on the topic of lifts and accessibility options. With integrated Physical and Occupational Therapists on staff, we are attentive to the details that will ensure your safety and independence.  We will look at your individual needs and details such as seat height for transfers, stairlift dimensions, and the ability to safely and independently manage the stair lift.

Come and visit our Milwaukee accessibility showroom to come and test ride our stair lifts, to see what will best suit your needs.  BILD proudly serves the Wisconsin and Illinois areas for new Stairlift sales and we provide rentals and technical service to the Milwaukee and Southeast Wisconsin area.

Straight Stairlifts

Milwaukee indoor straight stair lift Pinnacle
Click to Visit the Premium Pinnacle Stair Lift

Harmar Pinnacle SL600 premier Straight Stair Lift – The industry standard

The Premier Pinnacle SL600 has a long track record of success as the industry’s leading straight stair lift.  It boasts unmatched reliability and a unique drive system that eliminates the need for grease and maintenance, with a robust 350# weight capacity.

Handicare 1100 Milwaukee indoor straight stair lift
Click to Visit the Handicare 1100 Straight Stair Lift

The Handicare 1100 Straight Stair Lift – A Surprisingly Affordable Innovative Stair Lift

This innovative technology provides the most economical low maintenance no-grease track system available.  Low profile and narrow, low-cost, more standard features and options, this straight stair lift is a next-gen innovation!

Milwaukee Indoor Stair Lift SL300 tab
Click to Visit the SL300 Pinnacle Straight Stair Lift

The Harmar SL300 Pinnacle Straight Stair Lift.

Provides the advantage of a no-grease track system at a lower cost than the Premier Harmar SL600 Pinnacle Straight Stair Lift.  The SL300 Pinnacle has a 300# weight capacity and offers premier performance at an economical cost.

Heavy duty straight stair lift
Click to Visit the Heavy Duty Pinnacle Stair Lift

Harmar Heavy Duty Pinnacle Straight Stair Lift – The industry standard

The Harmar Heavy duty Pinnacle straight stair lift offers an option for heavy duty situations with an enlarged seat size and the heaviest weight capacity available at 600 pound weight capacity, along with standard safety features such as 90 degree seat rotation.  This is a sturdy and rugged heavy duty option

Merit Aviator Milwaukee straight stair lift tab
Click to Visit the Pilot Straight Stair Lift

The Merits Pilot Straight Stair Lift.

The Merit’s Pilot E603 straight stair lift provides a nice design with an affordable price.  This straight stair lift offers a more traditional rack and pinion gear system, with an optional folding rail, and the benefit of a seat that swivels 90 degrees at both the top and bottom landings of the stairs.

Affordable Milwaukee straight stair lift
Click to Visit the Xclusive Straight Stair Lift

The Handicare Xclusive Straight Stair Lift – An economical Stair Lift

This standard straight stair lift system offers an industry standard affordable option as a traditional stair lift system.  Handicare has been an industry leader as a reliable stair lift manufacturer.

Straight Stair Lift Accessories

Folding Rail for Stairlift

The Folding Rail Option

The Patented Harmar Folding rail option provides a mechanical folding railing that folds the railing out of the way of the lower stairs. This is a unique system that allows the stairlift to automatically fold the railing up out of the way as the chair moves up the track. It is uniquely reliable and simple to manage.

Stairlift track extends between 9-12 inches past the bottom step, and often times may intrude into the walkway or landing at the bottom of the stairs.  The folding rail option allows the track to fold up out of the way automatically when the chair moves partway up the track.  Folding rail options are available with some of our curved stair lifts as well.

Visit our Milwaukee accessibility showroom if you’d like to see the a demo model of the Pinnacle straight stairlift folding rail system.

Questions and Answers about Straight Stair Lifts

  • How are straight stair lifts mounted?

      • Straight stair lifts will mount with floor brackets.  The number of brackets that are needed depend on the length of the track and require typically 4 screws for each floor bracket.
  • What is the weight capacity of straight stair lifts?

      • Weight capacity will vary depending on the system.  Our systems vary from 250 pound weight capacity to 600 pound weight capacity.  Feel free to click on the above picture of each stair lift to find the specifications and weight capacity of each stair lift.
  • How quickly can a straight stair lift be installed?

      • Straight stair lifts can be installed within hours, and in less than a day.
  • What is the lead time required to manufacture a straight stair lift?

      • Since Straight stair lifts are stock items, with track that can be cut in the field to the stair size, we often carry stair lifts in stock and are able to schedule installation as quickly as our schedule allows.
  • Where does BILD install stair lifts?

      • We are based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and primarily serve the state of Wisconsin and Illinois (including Chicago).  We provide sales, installation, preventative maintenance and technical service for stair lifts lifts.

We Serve the following communities: Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, Brookfield, New Berlin, Waukesha, Mequon, Cedarburg, West Bend, Racine, West Allis, and all of Wisconsin and Northern Illinois

Listen to one of our customers, how BILD helped provide accessibility solutions in his home.