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BILD offers premium bathtub lift systems. Tub lifts provide assistance for those who have trouble getting up and down from the bathtub. These systems have upright backrests in the upright position that can recline once the individual is lowered completely into the tub.

Harmar Aquajoy Bath Tub Lift

Harmar Aquajoy

The Aquajoy tub lift system is battery operated and has the optional accessory of a sliding disk for easier transfers.

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Peterman Automatic Bathtub Lift

Peterman Lift

This system comes in varied heights and battery operated as well as manual crank operated designs.

Warranty on the Peterman tub lift is 3 years including the battery.

Pete discusses how BILD modified his home with bathroom remodeling, door widenings, wheelchair lifts and a wheelchair ramp.