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Roll-in Shower Water Containment Methods

Barrier free showers, often referred to as roll-in showers or wheelchair accessible curbless showers, provide safe and independent access for wheelchair users.  Curbless showers are also safer for individuals who walk into the shower, by making it easier to manage the transition into and out of the shower.  BILD provides safe solutions for barrier free, curbless showers that allow for safe access to bathing.  Our interior designer Brian Drew, has won 5 Wisconsin NARI Remodeler of the Year awards, as a testament to his awareness of aesthetics, beauty and function.  Our physical therapists on staff including our owner (who teaches home modifications nationally), and accessibility experts, provide the highest standards in accessible bathroom remodeling for safety and independence.  Whether you are considering accessibility for a wheelchair shower, or for walk-in access, we provide barrier-free, as well as curbed threshold shower options to meet your needs.  We provide additional options such as anti-slip traction coatings that help keep you safe and prevent falls.

When considering a roll-in shower, we typically look at the options of tile versus fiberglass shower surrounds, which each have unique advantages:

Tile barrier free, roll-in showers provide truly curbless access with zero threshold access to roll-in, or walk-in to the shower space.  Barrier free tile showers eliminate any curbing or threshold, and provide sloping towards the drain, with options including a center drain, linear (trough) drain, or combination of these options floor drains to help contain water in the shower area, while providing non-barrier access.  Tile roll-in showers provide the flexibility to customize the shower space to be beautiful and functional for everyone in the home.

Fiberglass roll-in showers are another option which provide other advantages for barrier free access for bathing.  The fiberglass roll-in showers that we use, include integrated plywood backing into the walls, which allows us to securely anchor grab bars at customized locations anywhere in the shower.  Fiberglass has additional advantages over tile:

  • They are low maintenance and easy to clean
  • The limit mold, mildew and bacteria buildup
  • Customized finishes and accent colored tile colors can be added
  • They are quickly installed and can be completed in as little as 3 days

The fiberglass base, although a roll-in-shower pan, also has a beveled edge which creates a transition threshold.  This is manageable to roll-into as a shower base, but not as “zero barrier entry” as a tile roll-in shower.  We also provide combinations of materials for roll-in showers such as fiberglass roll-in bases, and tiled walls.

If you’re interested in learning more, please give us a call today to setup an appointment in our Milwaukee Accessibility Showroom, or we can come out to your home to discuss accessible bathroom remodeling options to meet your needs!

Best Bath Roll-In Shower

Best Bath Acrylic & Fiberglass Surround Walk-in & Roll-in Showers

  • These barrier free systems offer many innovative feature and solutions. Advantages of these systems include:
  • Structurally reinforced walls for durability and secure grab bar placement at any time.
  • Easy to clean surface makes these systems low maintenance and mold & mildew resistant.
  • Customized layout designs and tile colors available, as well as granite finishes at a reasonable cost.
  • Option for roll-in shower beveled edge or flush systems that allow wheelchair access.
  • 30 year warranty (the longest in the industry).

Custom Tile Roll-In Showers

Only BILD offers in-house interior design to help you create a beautiful, comfortable, and functional new bathroom that you can be proud of. You can be confident knowing our accessibility specialists, who are experienced and practicing physical and occupational therapists, will assist you with custom grab bar placements and designs. Our in-house craftsmen will provide the highest quality and timely work to ensure that you end up with a beautiful and accessible design that will meet your needs and look beautiful. The end result is a better quality of life and a beautiful bathroom that will increase the value of your home. We have access to any fixtures, tile, and decorative as well as functional grab bars and systems to fully customize your shower.

Trench Drain for Curbless Shower in Milwaukee

Options to Contain Water for Barrier Free/Roll-in Showers

  1. Graded floor – by pitching the floor pan and using a weighted shower curtain we direct flow of the water to the drain.
  2. Collapsible water barrier – a simple, flexible water barrier allows wheelchairs to get into the barrier-free shower area but keeps water off the bathroom floor.
  3. Edge/line drains – a great option to help keep water where it belongs: in the shower.

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Pete discusses how BILD modified his home with bathroom remodeling, door widenings, wheelchair lifts and a wheelchair ramp.