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When considering patient transfer lifts, turn to BILD’s offers of patient lift sales and rentals to meet your caregiver needs.  We provide many options for patient lifts including: power hoyer lifts, power sit to stand lifts, and Sara Stedy sit-to-stand lifts to make it easier for the caregiver, often requiring fewer caregivers, and safer for the patient being transferred.

Our goal is to find the right system to meet transfer and safe patient handling needs.  BILD’s physical therapists on staff assist you with determining a transfer lift that will be easier for the caregiver to assist, and better for the individual being transferred.  We have a number of hoyer lifts, sit to stand  lifts, ceiling lifts, and different sling types and styles, at our Milwaukee Accessibility Showroom.   The transfer lifts that we have on display can be rented, or purchased, and offer unique benefits for both caregivers & patients – that can reduce number of caregivers required for transfers & reduce caregiver strain and injuries.  Schedule an appointment to meet with one of our physical therapists at our accessibility showroom to trial our power hoyers, sit to stands, Sara Stedy, or ceiling lifts at our Milwaukee showroom.  We teach about transfer lift solutions nationally and provide many years of experience as patient transfer safety educators with our many years of experience as practicing physical and occupational therapists.

BILD is a Milwaukee based company that serves primarily the Wisconsin and Chicago areas, however we also provide sales and consulting to individuals around the country, and can help you to find a good solution for your patient transfer lift needs.

Sara Stedy for Safe Patient Transfers. Available for Rent or Purchase from BILD
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Sara Stedy Safe Patient Transfers

Sara Stedy

A unique transfer lift for individuals who can come to standing but have difficulty pivoting or low endurance

  • Fits through narrow bathroom doorways
  • Easy transfer device for toileting assist
  • Easy for the caregiver to assist
  • Has optional trunk strap

This sit to stand transfer lift is appropriate for the individual who have strength to assist with standing but limited endurance. The patient may come to standing on a platform base and is assisted by an attendant to be transferred into the bathroom, and once the patient is standing, the pads swivel to become a seat.  Holding onto the system and sitting on the back paddles, the individual may be assisted through narrow entryways and up to the toilet.


  • Weight 64.82 lbs (29.4 kg)
  • Max. safe working 400 lbs (182 kg)
  • Total length 32 ¾” (905 mm)
  • Total height 41 ½” (1051 mm)
  • Height of chassis 4” (100 mm)
  • Internal width legs open 28 ¾” (729 mm)
  • Low friction castors, the rear two with brakes
  • Lifter – Protection class IPX4Approvals
  • The product is in compliance with current legislation and applicable product standards
Arjo Huntleigh Maxi Move Power Lift Bed Transfer Available for Rent or Purchase from BILD
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Caregiver Using Transfer Lift to Wheelchair

Power Hoyers

  • High weight capacity systems
  • Can be used for floor transfers and for ambulation
  • Easier for caregiver management/assist

BILD provides power hoyer lift options with individualized slings and configurations. Used for transfers and guiding during walking activities, our power hoyers make it much easier for a single caregiver to assist with patient transfers.  BILD offers a number of different options, including the Arjo Maxi-Move, bariatric hoyers, and American made hoyer systems.


  • Safe working load 500 lbs (227 kg)
  • Positioning handle for precise handling during transfers
  • Stable Vertical System (SVS) comprising: a vertical lift, anti-swing, jib, pivot point spreader bar attached and clip sling design
  • Ergonomically designed maneuvering handle
  • Slings with a body contoured design for maximum comfort, available in seven sizes: XS to XXL and color-coded for ease of use
  • Color-coded bar chart on the spreader bar for identification of the correct sling size
  • Sling attachment for spreader bar, with a four-point keyhole clip system
  • Electrical opening chassis operated via the handheld control unit
  • A Battery Discharge Indicator (BDI) with color display to indicate remaining battery power level
  • Additional audible warning signal to indicate that the battery requires changing
  • Handheld control unit for complete control when working with residents/patients
  • Secondary operating controls mounted on the mast
  • A service indicator measured in hours provides accurate actuator usage, indicating service requirements
  • System failure override
  • Automatic safety cut-off if lowered onto an obstacle
  • Low friction castors, rear two with brakes
  • Folding hoyer options available
Arjo Huntleigh Sara Plus Floor Lift. Available for Rent or Purchase from BILD
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Power Standing Lifts

  • Promotes weight bearing
  • Easier assistance for toileting
  • Safe and simple transfer assistance for those who prefer standing


  • Safe working load 420 lbs (190 kg)
  • Supplied with 2 detachable batteries and charger
  • A battery discharge indicator constantly displays the remaining power and indicates when the battery needs recharging
  • Low friction castors with brakes on the rear two
  • Detachable commode/transfer seat complete with bedpan and holder
  • Built-in safety valve stops lift arm (Arc-Rest) powering down when lowered onto an object; when the object is removed, the Arc-Rest maintains its position
  • Detachable footboard and kneeboard

Please call our lift specialists today for a free consultation on the many assisted transfer options available to you. Only BILD offers the most highly trained accessibility specialists (CAPS, CEAC, ECHM, CLIPP certified) who have backgrounds as experienced occupational and physical therapists. On top of that, we are national experts who teach accessibility professionals on the topic of remodeling and accessibility options. Our unique, integrated approach and consultations with our clients, project managers, and tradesmen produce exceptional attention to detail and ensure your safety and independence.