Help caregivers & disabled individuals stay safe at home

Caring for a loved one with mobility limitations can be difficult and challenging.  Often-times caregiver assistance is required for daily tasks such as getting in/out of the bed, and other daily tasks such as toileting and bathing.  Patient transfer lift technology can greatly ease the physical difficulty and caregiver needs for performing safe and effective transfers in the home.  Patient transfer lift technology including power hoyer lifts, power sit to stand lifts, non-power sit to stand lifts, and overhead ceiling lifts can greatly improve the safety and ease of many transfers when the appropriate transfer device is selected for an individual.  Often times, trying an appropriate transfer device, can assist the individual in staying at home, and protecting the safety of the caregiver.

1. Transfer lifts protect the caregiver

Often times committed and loving caregivers will sacrifice their back, and their bodies for the care of their loved ones.  As a good caregiver, one of the best things you can do to protect your loved one is to protect own body, as you are a lifeline for the care of your loved one.  Appropriately matched transfer lifts can greatly protect the safety of the caregiver.  Often times there are solutions that may allow aspects of your preferred transfer method, such as weight-bearing, with different lift options.  It is important to realize as a caregiver that when you protect your own body, you protect the loved one that you care for as well.

2. Transfer lifts protect the individual being transferred

Appropriately selected transfer devices also protect the individual being transferred.  An individual who is appropriately matched with the proper transfer device can be more safely and securely transferred, and often times strategies to improve positioning once assisted up.  Caregiver training and knowledge are important for any lift system, and different types of lift may have advantages or disadvantages in comparison.  Unfortunately, improper use of a traditional hoyer lift can result in tipping of the lift and a fall to the ground, so instruction and knowledge are important with any safe transfer lift option.

3. Transfer lifts can reduce the cost and need for additional caregivers

Having a safe and effective transfer lift can provide easier management of transfers, and often can make the process easier, often times requiring fewer caregivers to perform a transfer, and making it easier for the caregiver to manage tasks such as positioning, or other tasks such as clothing management for bathroom cares.  The cost of investment into an effective transfer lift system, can pay for itself many times over, when it eliminates the need for additional caregivers, or allows individuals to manage without caregivers for periods of time because the lift system is manageable and safes the caregivers from injury.

4. Transfer lifts provide freedom

Having easier methods of transfer management which require less caregiver assistance allows freedom for accessing multiple areas, and the ability to transfer whenever needed.  Being less dependent on extra caregiver assist means getting up from, and returning to bed more often, getting using the bathroom more easily, and easier access for other cares such as showering/bathing.  Reducing caregiver needs with safe transfer devices, also often provide greater privacy, as you have less need for additional caregivers.

If you’re considering a transfer lift, know that there are many options available!  Download our Free Transfer Solution Guide for some ideas.  We recommend talking with your physical or occupational therapist to ask about their recommendations and suggestions.  Watch a video example/testimonial of how a ceiling transfer lift provided an elderly couple with greater freedom and independence and eliminated the need for extra caregivers.  Ergonomic studies have demonstrated the physical benefits of ceiling lifts in protecting caregivers against injuries, but the testimonial of Ed and Darlene shows how this technology can truly provide safety, independence and dignity to an elderly couple with mobility needs.

BILD offers the expertise of physical and occupational therapists for transfer lift recommendations.  We offer rentals and sales of grab bar systems including:

  • Power hoyer lifts
  • Power sit to stand lifts
  • Sara Stedy transfer lift
  • Ceiling Lifts
  • Transfer and positioning sheets

Call BILD today if you’d like our physical therapists and accessibility consultants to explore more transfer lift options for you, including transfer lift rentals!  262-671-2032