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Ceiling lifts make safer transfers for both the caregiver and individual being transferred. They also require less space to transfer, and in some cases individuals can transfer on their own using specialized a specialized harness or sling.

The use of a ceiling lift can eliminate the need for costly bathroom remodeling and allow for safer transfers to and from the bed, toilet, and bathtub or shower. Custom configurations can route the track system throughout the home or cover virtually any point in a single room.

We perform factory certified installation of ceiling lift systems, in addition to the drywall, carpentry, trim work and finishing to make your home look beautiful.  Our technicians are factory trained and certified for installation and service.

BILD is run by a team of experienced physical and occupational therapists who are experienced experts in transfer safety. Our therapists specialize in transfer strategies, harness selection and proper use of the ceiling lift systems. We can instruct you in how to perform transfers and positioning safely, and in some cases how to use a standing harness for supported weight bearing.  We have many solutions available and will meet your needs and provide training after installation with a physical therapist who specializes in ceiling lift use for safe transfers, sling placement, and positioning strategies.

Handicare P300 with Freestanding Track Available for Rent or Purchase from BILD
  • Freestanding track
  • P-300 Portable Ceiling Lift
Handicare P 600 Fixed Ceiling Lift
  • Fixed Overhead Track
  • P440 Portable Motor
Handicare C 625 Fixed Ceiling Lift Installed by BILD in Oconomowoc
  • Fixed C450 ceiling lift motor
  • Option to drive motor on track

Ceiling lift benefits:

  • Safer for the caregiver
  • Safer for the individual being transferred
  • Fewer caregivers required to perform transfers
  • Easier to position patients properly
  • Less space required to perform the transfer
  • Options for bathroom access
  • exercise slings
  • Potential for independent transfers

A Few Overhead Lift Options:

Ceiling Lift with XY Gantry for Bedroom Transfers. Installed by BILD in Waterloo

X-Y Gantry – This allows for access within any point of a square or rectangular room.

Ceiling Lift Track with Door Notching installed by BILD in Dousman

Sample Door Notching – Allows for the motor to track through doorways, see the example notching we did.

Wall Mounted Reach Arm with Handicare Ceiling Lift for Safe Patient Transfers

Wall mounted reach arm – A good cost effective solution for overhead lifts with vaulted ceilings.

Orbit Reach Arm for Patient Transfers

Orbitz freestanding reach arm – provides another option for overhead transfers and lifts.

Hear about how the overhead lift and ceiling track helped Darlene independently care for her husband at home.