Flex-Step Lift in 'Stair' Mode, Can Convert to Powered Lift - BILD of Milwaukee
Flex-Step Lift in 'Lift' Mode, Can Convert to Stairs - BILD of Milwaukee
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The Staircase that Transforms into a Wheelchair Lift

The Flex-Step wheelchair lift is an innovative and unique staircase that converts into a wheelchair lift and back into a stairway.  This beautiful and innovative wheelchair lift is a revolutionary and innovative solution that allows for safe access in tight spaces.  This incredible lift system combines beauty, heavy duty weight capacity, integrated safety features, and an incredible advantage of conservation of space.

Traditional Vertical Platform Wheelchair lifts that are separate from the stairway – require adequate landing space, and a separate platform to allow for additional space to maneuver with sufficient clearances for the wheelchair user.  The Flex-step combined stairway and wheelchair lift eliminates this need for additional construction of a landing, and provides an incredible efficiency of space.  This provides a great solution for garage stairs, that helps to preserve the use of garage space in the home, greater efficiency of space and aesthetics for historical homes or appearance sensitive situations, and a solution for the impossible situation of short interior stairways or steps that require wheelchair access inside of the home. All of these factors make the Flex-Step a great alternative to more traditional stair accessibility solutions.

Watch the Flex-Step in action:

The Flex-Step integrated Stairway and Wheelchair Lift provide the following benefits:

  • Superior weight capacity (880 pound weight capacity)
  • Beautiful Design
  • Battery Backup
  • Safety Stop Sensors (to prevent pinching or interference injuries)
  • Amazing space saving design for easy wheelchair management

BILD is an authorized Dealer of the Flex-Step integrated stairway and wheelchair lift system which will can replace short interior stairways and allow those stairways to transform into a vertical wheelchair lift.

Flex-Step Staircase+Lift FAQs:

Can the Flex-Step be used outdoors?

  • Yes – the Flex-Step can be used both indoor and outdoors.

How does the Flex-Step prevent pinching or injury?

  • The Flex-Step provides safety features including anti-roll-off, antisqueezing, fall risk,  and reliability features.  The Flex-Step features a specially developed safety circuit which contains infrared sensors to prevent squeezing between or under the steps.

What power supply does the Flex-Step use?

  • The Flex-Step uses a 110V-10A power supply.

Does the floor need to be altered to allow the Flex-Step to be installed?

  • No modifications to the floor are needed to install a Flex-Step wheelchair lift.  The lift can be installed at floor level after the existing stairway is removed.

How high of a stairway can the Flex-Step accommodate?

  • The Flex-Step wheelchair lift can accommodate stairways from zero to 49.2″ height.

What are the platform dimensions of the Flex-Step?

  • Varied platform dimensions are available including: 35.4″ (length) X 27.5″/31.5″/39.4″ (width).

Pete discusses how BILD modified his home with bathroom remodeling, door widenings, wheelchair lifts and a wheelchair ramp.