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Metal Railing Installed by BILD in Milwaukee

Safe, Secure, & Aesthetic Railings for Inside or Outside of the Home

Managing stairways safely is critical to prevent falls and injury in the home.  Stairways are one of the most common hazards for fall related injuries, and can often times easily be modified for safety and security within the home.  BILD provides many options of railings and supports for safe stairway management, in addition to our stair lifts, wheelchair platform lifts, and caregiver assisted stair climbers.  For individuals who are able to safely manage stairs, the right solution may be simply adding a secure handrail or grab bars for extra support.  BILD Provides both indoor and outdoor railing options for stair safety. We have multiple options for wood, metal, or unique grab bars and numerous railing options for sturdy and secure railings for support.

  • Outdoor metal railings
  • Outdoor wood railings
  • Grab bar supports
  • Flip up supports and unique grab bars
  • Indoor metal or wood railings

BILD provides free estimates and consultations for railings and supports in the Greater Milwaukee and surrounding areas in Wisconsin for home railing assessments.  Our accessibility consultants, interior design service, and experienced and skilled carpentry team can ensure that we will meet your needs and find a solution to maintain the safety and beauty of your home.

We provide different colors, styles, materials, and options for railings, and provide ADA options for safety and security for either exterior or interior stairway safety and security.

Indoor Railings Installed by BILD in Milwaukee

Hand railings for stairway support within the home provide improved safety and security with stairway management.  We can provide railings in the material and style that you would like for railings that match the architecture and style of your home with providing security and safety with managing the stairs.

Angled Fold Down Rails for Small Flight of Stairs, Installed by BILD in the Greater Milwaukee Area

We offer a number of different grab bar systems that provide safety and support in different areas of the home.  This angled fold down grab bar provides a sturdy support for garage stairways, and will fold up against the wall when not in use to open up space.  We offer many unique grab bars and supports for safety throughout the home.

Outdoor Railing

We can provide any style or type of outdoor railings for your stairs, including wood stair railings, composite, or metal railings (such as aluminum, steel or wrought iron).   Outdoor railings go a long way to provide safe and secure access to the home for yourself and for your visitors.  Our staff designer will work  with you to find an option that maintains the architectural integrity of your home.

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