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Residential Automatic Door Openers

Automatic door openers provide independent wheelchair access for homes or public places, by allowing the homeowner to use a remote button (similar to a garage door opener), wall button, or a sensor to remotely open and close the door.  Our residential automatic door openers allow the individual to remotely open the door with a simple push of the button, after which the door will automatically close after you exit.  Handicap automatic door opener features allow you to lock and unlock your door with the use of an electric door strike latching system, as well as electric deadbolt lock controls.  We provide residential automatic door openers that provide battery backup, for reliability even in case of power outage.

BILD is an experienced provider for quality door opener systems with our in-house staff.  Through the use of radio or infrared control devices, individuals can remotely control the opening or closing of the door. Other options include various color options, different types of door opener buttons and controls, environmental control devices, or the familiar wall plates you see in public for wheelchair access.  We will work with you, to find the best solution that meets your needs and budget.

Milwaukee Residential Handicap Automatic Door Opener

The Open Sesame Residential Automatic Door Opener

The Open Sesame Residential Automatic Door Opener

The residential handicap automatic door opener provides a reliable door opener for any door in the home with the reliability of a battery backup control.  This strong and easy to use door opener can be configured to allow for easy access through exterior doors, interior doors, garage doors, and screen doors.  Features of this handicap automatic door opener include:

  • Options for different activation controls including, button control, motion sensors, app control, and environmental control systems.
  • Different color options allowing the door operator to blend in with your home.
  • Home lock integration, with an automatic electric door strike, or separate deadbolt remote control.
  • Battery backup: allowing the door to operate in case of a power outage.
UControl Automatic Door Opener

The uControll door system

The uControll door system can remotely operate up to 6 doors for increased safety, independence, and privacy. You can easily attach it without any tools to interior swinging doors. When the need is over, simply remove the uControll without any tools, no marring or damage to your doors or floors.  Battery operated for up to 3 weeks on a single charge. The uControll door system can be used for years, months or weeks.

UControll Automatic Door Opener Remote
UControll Automatic Door Opener Installed by BILD in Milwaukee

BILD offers the most highly trained accessibility specialists (CAPS, CEAC, ECHM, CLIPP certified) who have backgrounds as experienced occupational and physical therapists. We are national experts who teach accessibility professionals on the topic of remodeling and accessibility options. Our unique, integrated approach and consultations with our clients ensures attention to detail for your safety and independence.