Four unique grab bars for safety in the bathroom & entire home

Grab bars provide safety and independence in the home.  Often when people think about grab bars for the home, they don’t realize the variety and options that are available for grab bars.  Firstly it’s important to understand that there are a number of more aesthetic and functional options for grab bar safety.  There are a variety of functional based grab bar systems that integrate into soap dish holders, grab bar towel bars, toilet paper dispensers that are grab bars, shower rings (around the on/off and temperature control), and other options for safety in the bathroom.    Additionally there are options of grab bars that are colored, antibacterial coated, and designer style grab bars that address the aesthetic considerations of your home.  We provide a Milwaukee based accessibility showroom where you can come and see for yourself some of the different types of grab bar options that are available.  Here are a few unique styles of grab bars that can work in different areas of the home.

Floor to Ceiling Pole

Floor to ceiling poles provide a stable support that can be placed in multiple locations in the home and provide the benefit of stability in multiple locations.  Manufacturers of floor to ceiling pole systems include Healthcraft Products, and Stander Mobility.  Both manufacturers offer floor to ceiling poles that can be used with pressure fit systems, or offer the option of anchoring the posts to the structure in the ceiling with a ceiling bracket.  Our standard of practice has been to anchor the top of the pole to the ceiling as this provides better stability and security for this type of support.  Both Stander and Healthcraft offer horizontal and locking handle attachments that allow for stability and support in different positions around the circumference of the pole.  These poles can be a great support for stability not only in the bathroom, but also in other areas of the house including the bedroom, and sometimes even at the top of the stairs for a safety support.  When considering this solution for providing a support, it is also important to make sure that it will not block paths of mobility for transitions and safety with support.

Fold Down Rail

Fold down rails provide a great support for coming to standing and providing support for weight shifting and balance from a seated position.  There are a number of different styles and options for fold down grab bars.  We typically have utilized the fold down supports from Ponte Giulio and Healthcraft Products which provide great support and stability, and offer friction adjustments to allow individuals with limited range or limited balance to partially flip back the fold down rail partially without it falling back down to a lowered position.  Fold down railings provide the benefit of allowing the individual to flip the railing out of the way for a transfer to get the wheelchair or to get themselves close to the toilet or object they transfer to, and when folded down it provides a good sturdy support for balance, standing, or weight shifting.  It is important when considering this option to ensure that there is proper anchoring in place to secure the fold down railing into place.  We have a number of solutions to allow for anchoring of the folding railing, but the most ideal is to have secure blocking set behind the drywall to create a solid anchor point for folding down the railing into place.

Floor Mounted Pole

Milwaukee floor mounted grab bar Products offers a specialized floor mounted post system which will anchor to the flooring, and has a pivoting horizontal arm which locks into place every 45 degrees.  This is a great option to provide stability and a solid support with standing and support, and can be used in different areas of the home.  We have had great success with this option, and it has the advantage of being a floor mounted device.  The modular positioning of the horizontal support provides for a great support with transitioning from different positions.

Angled Fold Down Rail

Milwaukee angled grab bar installedSimilar to the fold down railing, this is an innovative and smart adaptation of this type of grab bar, however it can be used in a different application.  This adjustable angled fold down railing can be used as a stair railing in cases where there are a couple of stairs to enter the garage or different areas, and allows the railing to fold up out of the way so it does not block the space.  A perfect place for using this type of a support is when there are a couple of stairs in the garage.  This will fold down to allow for good support for garage entry stairs, however it can fold out of the way for opening up space and allowing for maneuvering in what is usually a tight space.

These are just a few different options and innovations for grab bar supports.  BILD is proud to offer the unique systems and innovations that are offered by a number of different manufacturers.  Our job of knowing the right grab bar and use of that support, is accomplished by our accessibility experts, physical and occupational therapists, and product specialists.  Come visit our Milwaukee Accessibility Showroom at 9209 W Bluemound Road, Milwaukee, WI to see these grab bars and more, to determine what will work best for you.