BILD Logo Final 1 150x150Milwaukee’s best resource for helping people stay in their homes is also the premier contractor for remodeling and modifying businesses and churches to become ADA accessible for individuals with disabilities. BILD serves both residential and commercial needs and provides comprehensive solutions and options for individuals with all varied levels and types of disabilities.
The difference is our expertise:
BILD provides the best options, the most options, and the most effective solutions to meet the needs of your business, church or home to become more accessible and beautiful.  There are no other companies locally who offer all in house expertise of lift specialists, elevator specialists, interior designers, carpentry and tradesmen, as well as accessible design experts with medical background under the same organization.
Increased accessibility, beauty, and ADA compliance opens your business or church to a greater number of customers, clients, and groups. We are experts at making your facility more accessible with safe, cost effective, and aesthetic solutions.
ADA vs. customized individual modifications:
landscaped Accessible EntriesBILD understands functional needs and individualized designs, with our highly trained accessibility specialists with unique backgrounds as physical and occupational therapists.  We are not only the experts for ADA modifications in the community but also the accessible design experts for your home.  This means that we can taylor fit your home’s design to your individualized needs. We look at the individual first and examine what they need functionally to become safe and independent in their homes.
BILD’s in house experienced craftsmen and elevator/lift specialists provide your solutions for ADA remodeling, construction, and designs. Our broad line of options and products along with our knowledge and experience in ADA and customized construction make us the best company to help you find affordable, safe, beautiful and effective solutions for your business, church or home.
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