Keeping your Aging Parents Safe at Home during the Coronavirus Pandemic

These are challenging times, as we face the Coronavirus pandemic, which is affecting the entire population, but particularly places seniors at highest health risk for serious health problems if they contract this virus.  As all of us are striving to practice social distancing for our own protection and to prevent the spread to other individuals, it is particularly important to protect the health of those most vulnerable to the coronavirus: seniors, individuals with respiratory conditions, immunocompromised individuals, and people with history of cancer and diabetes.

This is also the time of year that as a home modification company which is run by health care professionals, we often get referrals from children who notice that their parents are having difficulty with managing at home.   With social isolation, it is important more than ever that we keep those who are at highest risk for falls, injuries, and hospitalizations, safe at home.

This Easter and Passover season, help to take care of your parents by providing the gift of safety and security at home, with home modifications to maintain the safety of your loved one.  BILD provides the expertise of physical and occupational therapists to help evaluate what individual solutions will achieve your safety and independence at home.

Safety, security, and independence are an incredible gift that you can provide to loved ones during this time of difficulty.  We realize the importance of keeping individuals with mobility impairments, balance difficulties, and health challenges safe from injuries in their homes during this time.  The safest place to be, as our medical system is currently preparing for, and managing this current health crisis, is away from the hospital, and safe and secure in the home.  Here are some of the ways we can help to keep your loved ones safe at home:

Safe Bathroom modifications:

The security of a functional or decorative grab bar, for example, that provides extra security and safety in this time for transitions, and maintains the aesthetic integrity of the home, can be a great solution for keeping your parents safe in the home.  Simple one day modifications such as a tub cutout, can adapt your existing bathtub easily in to a lower threshold transition for safer and easier transfers.  We also have other safe and easy transfer solutions for access.

Stairway safety:

Addressing safety at stair transitions, can be incredibly important to provide security for patients, as this is one of the highest risk areas for falls and severe injuries.  Stairway railings or wheelchair ramps are incredibly important modifications for safe home access, and can be an easy adaptation for safe and independent stairway management within the home.  Exterior stair railings can be estimated and installed while maintaining social distancing, and can provide safety and security for outdoor management during this time.  Another great solution that may provide safety and access throughout the home, is a stair lift, which can increase access throughout the home to provide increased security and stability.  Straight or curved stair lifts can be great solutions for safety, and provide access throughout the home.  Railings, and supports in the home, are simple to provide and can address

BILD realizes the risks of coronavirus and is taking special precautions to ensure the safety of our clients and customers during this time.  Included among these safety precautions include:

  • Remote/virtual consultations and training through avenues such as: Zoom, Face time, or Skype
  • Protective gear (masks, gloves, shoe covers) for client visits.
  • Strict employee practices for health, including no visits with any employee symptoms of illness
  • Social distancing practices during site visits to limit space and contact

We realize the importance of health, and the importance to stay safe in the home during this difficult time.  Let us know what we can do to help you, as we promise to protect and care for the safety of those who are facing difficulties during this time.