“Safe at Home” Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

As Mother’s Day approaches during this time that many of us have practiced social distancing and limited contact with our parents in order to protect them from risk of contracting Covid-19, it is a time to think of how we can support our mother’s and provide them more safety and security.  During Safe at Home guidelines for protecting our mother’s health, it’s a great time to think of Safe at Home Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that can promote her health and safety as well as her psychological well-being and security.

At BILD we are providing virtual consulting as an option for providing free estimates, or for providing consulting services to provide guided education, consulting, and tailored recommendations for an accessibility plan, along with design services that address aesthetic ad accessibility needs for individuals of the home.  We are also providing safe distancing installations to protect the health and well-being of our customers as well.  As Mother’s Day approaches, below are some meaningful ideas of how we can safely provide protection to our mother’s for safety and independence in the home.

Install railings and supports in the home or along the outdoor stairs

During this time, when many are quarantined and limiting social contact, spending time outside of and around the house is critical to maintaining peace of mind and sanity.  This is a good time as a gift to provide your mom with railings that make it safer to manage to/from different parts of the house, as well as more safely getting in and out of the house more safely.  There are many options of railing types, styles and configurations that can help make stair management safe and easy.


Install grab bars              

Managing more easily and comfortably in the tub or shower, or for toilet transfers, can make a tremendous difference for pain management and fall prevention.  We carry many decorative, and functional grab bars that make the bathroom a safer place, and also enhance the aesthetics of the bathroom as well.  Investing into grab bars in the home can help prevent the cost and suffering that is can be associate with fall-related injuries, and help keep mom safe at home.  BILD provides local sales and service of Grab Bars in Milwaukee, WI, and also sells grab bars nationally on homesafetycomfort.com.

Provide a stair lift for access in the home

Stairs are a high-risk area for falls for anyone, and during this time as many individuals are much more limited due to visitation restrictions.  A stair lift is another way to provide easier access to your mom, throughout the home, and provides the safety and security of knowing that mom will not suffer a stair-related fall or injury.  Stair lifts can open up new spaces throughout the home for independence and safety throughout.

Provide accessible kitchen modifications

               As we are not able to access restaurants, and less going out to eat, we are all spending less time in our kitchens.  Simple modifications such as slide-out, pull-up, or pulldown shelving units that can integrate into our existing cabinetry can make it much easier and more enjoyable for mom to access the kitchen area at home for safer accessibility.  At BILD and DesignBILD we have the benefit of Kitchen design services to look at small kitchen modifications to larger kitchen remodeling solutions for accessibility.

Subscribe to remote assistance, health & monitoring services

Technology has provided great resources with varied levels of remote safety monitoring, health monitoring, and assistance services through programs such as Be Home Safe, and custom monitoring services through technology companies such as Adaptive Technology Resources.  These services allow adult children and caregivers to stay more connected with their parents and with great health monitoring interfaces that integrate with systems such as the Be Home Safe system such as blood pressure monitoring, medication reminders, pulse ox monitoring, blood sugar monitoring, and more, medical information can be recorded and actually shared with the mom’s electronic health record to share with her medical providers. These are great resources to support mom in staying healthy!

Consider a virtual accessibility consultation

Home accessibility and safety modifications can transform a home, apartment or condo that is restricting and difficult to manage into a safe and comfortable home that supports your mom’s (and dad’s) health, safety and quality of life.  Proper planning for accessibility is an individualized process dependent on the abilities, values, and preferences of the individuals who live there.  BILD’s accessibility experts can help individuals through virtual consulting (through Zoom, Skype, or facetime) to develop an accessibility plan for safety in the home.  Using remote technology, these platforms allow us to protect the safety of individuals with social distancing guidelines, and allow us to reach out to individuals wherever you’re located.

If there’s one thing that all of us can appreciate now, it is the benefit of our freedom and independence, especially to remain safe and sound in our home.  For many of us who are limiting physical contact with our parents to protect them from the possibility of contracting Covid-19, these are some ideas of how to assist our parents with both their quality of life, independence, and protection of their health.  If you’d like to talk through more safety or accessibility ideas for your mom this Mother’s Day, visit www.bildnow.com, or call us at 262-671-2032.