BILD offers professional grab bar sales & installations as well as evaluations, which provide important safety information. In addition, BILD has a Milwaukee based accessibility showroom, which features a wide variety of ADA rated grab bars. Here are some tips for grab bar selection and safety that can make the difference in keeping you independent and safe at home:

Color contrast is important for safety:

Visual feedback is important if you’re looking at grab bar safety, so color contrast can essential.  Even with good vision, color contrast will make it easier to identify a support out of your peripheral vision, and catch yourself to avoid serious injury. Come visit our Milwaukee showroom to see to see a variety of colors and grab bar finishes with over 40 grab bars on display.

Some of the many colors available from Ponte Giulio

Some of the many colors available from Ponte Giulio

Grab bars can be beautiful:

One challenge many folks face is concern about aesthetics: how will a grab bar make your home look? There are a number of functional and designer grab bar systems which address this issue and can make your home more functional while maintaining its beauty. Aesthetics is important, and a bathroom can be both beautiful AND safe.

MRSA (Staph-infection inducing bacteria) resistance is available:

Ponte Giulio offers high quality vinyl coated grab bars that offer an added benefit of having silver embedded into the coating.  Silver has MRSA and bacterial resistant properties which fights off bacteria and helps protect you from infection.  This unique MRSA/bacteria resistance that helps to keep you safe and reduces your exposure to harmful bacteria.

61027 Grips Pic

Grabcessories grab bar

Traction and grip help:

Consider options that will make it easier to grasp your grab bar by having either grooved metal, vinyl coated, or grab bars with gripping material (such as the Grabcessories functional and designer grab bars).  Grab bars with vinyl coating has the added advantage of being warm to touch as well as adding friction and traction to your grip.  Additionally there are grab bar covers that are manufactured if you already have grab bars placed and want to add additional traction, insulation and gripabiltiy to your existing grab bars.

Customize placement appropriately:

In your home you are not required to place your grab bars at ADA heights so place them where they work the best for you.  We recommend simulating where you feel most comfortable with grab bar placement and marking these locations with tape where you feel it works best for your safety and independence.  It is best to work with your therapist, and simulate what reach ranges and locations may work best for you, and sometimes looking at the walls for fingerprints or wear patters may give clues to where individuals are regularly reaching for stability in the bathroom.  Placing markers such as painter’s tape (cut to size) at the locations you would like the grab bars place, can be helpful to ensure that the grab bars are placed at the proper locations you are recommending them.  BILD’s physical and occupational therapists on staff are a helpful resource when considering proper placement locations for grab bar safety in the home.

Grabcessories Toilet Paper Grab Bar

Grabcessories 2-in-1 Toilet Paper Holder/Grab Bar

For safety’s sake, think outside the box:

No one plans where they are going to fall, so it is important to look into securing towel bars, shelves, etc. in case that is where an individual happens to be when they slip. In light of this, several companies, including Grabcessories and Ponte Giulio offer grab bars that perform standard bathroom functions. Shelves, towel bars, and toilet paper holders are just a few of the items in your bathroom that can be converted into beautiful ADA rated grab bars for an extremely affordable price.  Grab bars can also be used in different areas of the home for safety and stability, including grab bar safety for stair management, as well as stability in the bedroom for transitions and safety with dressing and transitioning to and from the bed.

BILD is a Milwaukee based accessibility provider and performs grab bar sales and installation.  We have over 40 grab bars on display in our Milwaukee Accessibility Showroom, and perform professional installation of grab bars.  If you’d like to purchase a grab bar online, please visit our Home Safety Comfort Center website to purchase online.  There are many different options for grab bar safety and support available to individuals which can increase your safety and independence throughout the home.