The Tornado Body Dryer – A great option for luxury, a great option for accessibilitytornado body dryer
For individuals considering accessible bathroom remodeling, a walk in tub, or any bathroom remodel, I would strongly recommend considering the benefits of the tornado body dryer.  Taking a close look at this option may be a great investment for your health, comfort, and lifestyle needs.
A little more about the body dryer system:
The tornado body dryer has been around for 10 years and there have been over 15,000 tornado body dryers sold and used.  These systems are light and low profile, requiring only installation into a corner of a shower or bathroom.  Installation is simple, and system (which stands 6 feet tall) provides an extremely gentle swirling breeze of warm air that gently but quickly dries you off.   The system provides a gentle breeze and is perfect for individuals who have sensitive skin.  There are also 2 heat levels to provide an option for different levels of temperature.  The Tornado Body Dryer comes in varied colors and is completely waterproof and can be used in the shower.  In fact the system can run while the shower or bath is running and maintains a comfortable and even temperature with transitions after bathing.  For the average individual Tornado Body Dryer on average takes about 2 minutes to dry off – roughly the same amount of time that it takes an individual to dry off using towels.  The body dryer is simple to operate with an easy to use pressure button that can be placed anywere (operated by hand, foot, or shoulder) to select 3 settings, off – low – high.
Does Anybody Like Doing Laundry?
As someone who doesn’t enjoy using the washing machine or laundry dryer, this may be an excuse enough to use this system.  This is a system which pays for itself in the cost of doing laundry as it will generally pay for itself (over the cost of doing the laundry).  The tornado body dryer is an energy efficient system which actually is less expensive than the cost of washing and maintaining towels.
Individuals who would benefit from use of this system:
Although for many this might be a luxury system, many individuals would benefit from use of this system for medical needs or for daily independence with bathing.  Among those who would most benefit – individuals with skin sensitivities, burns, and allergies, do not tolerate the friction and irritation that towel drying presents.  It is imperative for these individuals to eliminate skin moisture and maintain cleanliness and skin integrity.  This is a great solution for safety.  This system benefits also individuals with the following limitations: back pain, paralysis, wheelchair users, bariatric individuals, stroke, and individuals with generally impaired mobility.
Wheelchair wash-down stations:
Another great application that we see for this unit is for individuals with wheelchair wash down stations.  We often see individuals who create a wash-down station in the garage area or prior to entry to the home in order to wash off their wheelchair and avoid tracking dirt and mud into the home.  This process if you have tried it can be complicating as when you get a wheelchair wet it will track more mud into the area.  The Tornado Body Dryer offers an option that will help dry off your wheelchair prior to entering the home.
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Want to try it out?  BILD will have the tornado body dryer available for demonstration at the 2013 Milwaukee spring NARI remodeling show Feb 7-10, or on display in our accessibility showroom at 9209 W Bluemound Ave anytime after the Remodeling Show.  Come see what it’s all about.