An economical solution for making your bathroom accessible

If you have looked into bathroom accessibility options, one of the challenges to making your bathroom more safe and accessible is the cost of bathroom remodeling.  If you’re not ready to take the step of bathroom remodeling, or the time and expense of bathroom remodeling for accessibility, you may want to consider modifying your bathtub with a tub cutout.  Tub cutouts can typically be done with any bathroom remodel, and allow the notching of your existing bathtub to allow for stepping in and out of your tub with a lowered threshold.  This can convert your bathtub essentially into a walk-in shower area that is much easier to step into and out from.   To provide a tub cutout, we quite simply cut-out a section of your bathtub and place a protective cap over the notch to make an easy to manage low threshold entry to the shower.

Tub cuts are a more affordable option

One of the big advantages of a tub cutout is that it provides a lower cost solution than bathroom remodeling.  Whereas bathroom remodeling can easily cost many thousands of dollars, to perform, a tub cutout can often be done for under $1000, or not much more.  Factors that affect the cost of the tub cutout include: the make of your tub (steel and cast iron will be more expensive due to the time and tools needed to cut out the tub), and the type of cutout that you use (cutouts with doors or water safe bathtub inserts are more expensive than open cutouts).  Regardless, having a tub cutout will be much less expensive than bathroom remodeling.

Tub cuts are much quicker than remodeling

Tub Cutouts can be performed in just one day, making it a much easier and quicker option than having your bathroom out of use and torn up for an extended period of time.  This is a big advantage, especially if you have a home with a single bathroom for home use.  Tub cutouts are fast and easy, though there may be a short cure time before the tub is water safe (this depends on the manufacturer).

Important considerations as an installer/contractor

Unfortunately, installers of tub cutouts are not always aware of some of the practical considerations of accessibility.  A very important consideration for when you have a tub cutout, is where the cutout will be located.  It is generally advised that the tub cutout be set not in the middle of the tub, but rather as far towards the faucet side of the tub as possible, as it will make it much easier to reach the wall (and preferably a grab bar) for support, or can lower the threshold height that you need to lift your legs over when using a tub transfer bench. How far the cutout can be completed may vary depending on the shape and the thickness of the tub wall and shape.

BILD is a Milwaukee based installer of tub cutouts and can provide open cutouts, as well as conversion systems that allow you to quickly place a water-tight cap over your cutout so other members of the home can still fill the bathtub with water.  Contact us today for more information on pricing.  We serve not only Milwaukee, but also throughout Wisconsin and Chicago as well.