For Persons living with Muscular Dystrophy in the southeastern Wisconsin area visit our website for more information on support and resources available for families fighting this challenging condition.
A great resource for persons living with Muscular Dystrophy is the MDA – Muscular Dystrophy Association which is a gateway and offers many options and resources to individuals and families. For more information contact the MDA office(s) serving the Milwaukee area at:
330 South Executive Drive # 100-A
Phone: (262)432-7992
Fax: (262)432-0091
Email: [email protected] 
We realize the importance of support of individuals as well as families and caregivers through our assistance and programs at BILD – Bridgeway Independent Living Designs, LLC.  We are the only local provider with consultants extensively trained in the field of accessibility performing home modifications and adaptations.  Along with the specialists we have in house tradesmen and lift installers who provide installation and modifications of your home for accessibility, safety, beauty and independence.
Some of the products and services that BILD provides includes the installation of grab bars, accessible bathroom remodeling, ramps, ceiling lift systems, wheelchair lifts, home elevators, and custom remodeling/design.
Please contact us for more information and visit our website at or call us at 262-671-2032.