file_savaria_multilift_4Wheelchair access to your home, business, or church can be accomplished through use of a vertical platform lift system.  Use of a lift system to get in and out of the home may be preferable to a ramp in some cases due to their small footprint for space.  In many cases wheelchair lifts may actually also be less expensive than a wheelchair ramp as the slope of the ramp cannot be too steep for wheelchair users or caregivers to safely manage.  The appropriate grade or slope required for ramping appropriately may vary depending on the needs of the wheelchair user.  Many options are available and it is important to consider individual needs and capabilities along with a qualified home modification provider.  The accessibility specialists at BILD are extensively trained in the field of accessible designs and home modifications and have backgrounds in physical & occupational therapy giving a unique perspective in accessibility needs.
We are a proud provider of multiple wheelchair lift solutions and have a variety of products to help meet your home wheelchair access needs.  We can provide from a variety of manufacturers but here are a couple of our featured dealers and products:
file_Savaria_Multilift_winterHarmar vertical lifts:
Comes in various sizes and offers a sleek, appealing design with great functionality at an affordable price.  Harmar lifts are American made and manufactured and a leading producer of vertical lift systems in the United States.

  • Harmar vertical lifts offer various options including:
  • Straight approach versus 90° turn options
  • Upper located drive system that prevents water damage and issues
  • Years of dependability and reliability with your vertical lift systems offering the best solution for your home.

Savaria – premium wheelchair lift and home elevator systems:
Savaria-Concord is worldwide leader in commercial customized wheelchair lift systems and home elevator systems.  BILD is proud to be a Savaria dealer for wheelchair lifts, stair, lifts, and home elevator systems.   Savaria is well known as the top of the line dealer for home elevators and lift systems and offers completely customizable solutions for wheelchair lift and home elevator solutions for your home.  Savaria offers commercial systems for your home, church, or business community with multiple options for wheelchair accessibility including: complete customizable wheelchair lift solutions, stair lifts, home elevators, straight and curved inclined wheelchair platform lifts, and luxury home elevators.
Savaria Concord, the lift leader provides quality, reliable and top line products for residential and commercial applications.  For more information please contact us at BILD – 262-671-2032, [email protected],