moen decorative grab barsChoosing the right grab bar and finding the right placement for your grab bars at home may be more complicated than it seems. Here are some guidelines that will be very helpful for choosing the best grab bar placement for your home.
– ADA safety rated grab bars –
Our specialists and contractors have gone into homes setup with “grab bars” that have been mounted by friends, families, or unfortunately even contractors with dangerous and unsafe setups. – towel bars, shower poles, and even toilet roll holders have been substituted for grab bars and are unsafe and insufficient to support the weight and safety for individuals for safety in the bathrooms. Furthermore we have found old grab bars that have been inadequately secured into the walls with screws into drywall and even glued to the wall. We recommend using ADA safety rated grab bars for your home that are weight rated and safety rated for your home’s accessibility.
– Consider color – not only a matter of aesthetics
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BILD recommends if possible the use of color contrasting for your home grab bars. Contrasting color provides a visual cue to make sure that you don’t accidentally miss the grab bar. Regardless of your visual acuity this cue assists with safely locating and grabbing handles that provide you the security and safety that may mean preventing a hip fracture or fall in the bathroom. Using color may also provide a more aesthetic appeal to your bathroom grab bars as well. Ponte Giulio offers an affordable series of colored grab bars that provide contrasting colors, a “warmer touch” non-metallic coating, that is also antibacterial in nature.
– Grab bars can be beautifulImage of grab bars
Many options of grab bars are available that provide beauty as well. Great and affordable products are offered through Moen Home care’s designer grab bar series with accessible beautiful grab bars. BILD also distributes a line of decorative functional grab bars such as Healthcraft’s Invisia line of multipurpose grab bars such as ADA rated grab bar/towel holders, soap dishes, fixture surrounds. We also provide high end designer grab bar lines such as great grabz.
Unique grab bar systems
dependabar folded up
Newer multidimensional grab bar systems that are therapist inspired and developed are available to assist individuals for safety and independence. BILD is proud to offer the unique accessibility solutions of Healthcraft products which offers various unique grab bar options such as the Dependa-bar pivoting bathtub system with the flip down tub seat and the superpole vertical grab bar system with pivoting horizontal bar. The unique grab bar systems which are provided by Healthcraft offer safe and effective solutions for home and bathroom safety.
For more information please contact us at BILD – 262-671-2032 or [email protected].  You can trust the experienced installers and trusted specialists from BILD to provide safe, effective and beautiful solutions for your bathroom; our trusted installers will do the job right so you don’t have to worry. BILD with confidence!