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How a Ceiling Lift Kept a Milwaukee Couple In Their Home

Ed and Darlene - how a ceiling lift improved the life of a caregiver and patient. After Ed had suffered a serious injury, he and his wife Darlene were determined to return to their comfortable Milwaukee home and avoid living in a nursing home.  Unfortunately, Ed required total assistance for his transfers, which [...]

How a Ceiling Lift Kept a Milwaukee Couple In Their Home2019-08-25T18:51:33-06:00

Ed & Darlene's experience with the Ceiling Lift

(A special thanks to Ed & Darlene for sharing their story so that others may learn of the wonderful difference a ceiling lift makes for caregivers and their dependents!) Darlene: "We like the Hoist method over the Hoyer method because, first of all, it's much, much safer. With the Hoyer there's always that chance of tipping him [...]

Ed & Darlene's experience with the Ceiling Lift2015-05-05T14:11:13-06:00

Appleton, Neenah, Fond Du Lac, WI Ceiling Lifts

Appleton, Neenah, and Fond Du Lac providers of ceiling lifts, power hoyers and safe transfer devices BILD is a unique company that provides accessible home modifications and safe patient handling/transfer solutions for both homes and health care facilities. BILD uses high quality, American made devices for transfers and transitions. We provide the expertise of on-staff [...]

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Considerations before you consider buying a power hoyer lift

An affordable safe patient handling solution for healthcare facilities (and for home) Anyone who has used a manual hoyer lift understands how challenging and difficult it can be to manage.  Typically people look into upgrading to a power hoyer lift, however there is an option that is much safer and less expensive, the p-300 portable [...]

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Wisconsin Ceiling Lifts

For families caring for individuals with physical needs - both the caregiver and the individual being cared for - a home ceiling lift can make the difference in providing transfers and care assistance.  Ceiling lifts also can provide easy access to the bathroom area without having to remodel. For individuals with safety concerns who are able to participate in [...]

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Milwaukee Senior Fest 2012

  BILD is proud to support the 29th Annual Milwaukee Senior Fest on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Milwaukee’s Senior Fest will be held at Serb Memorial Hall - 5101 West Oklahoma Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53219 9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.   Seniorfest will offer bingo, recreational activities, dancing, exhibits, [...]

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The 2012 Circles of Life Conference

The 2012 annual Circles of Life Conference provides information and resources to families and professionals seeking to support children with disabilities. With speakers, vendors and information, resources, support, and individual development and support for children with disabilities, the Circles of Life Conference seeks to support the lives of children with disabilities and their families. The [...]

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Ceiling lifts – improving the lives of persons with disabilities

Those who have used and benefited from ceiling transfer lift systems know many of the benefits and often wonder how they made it without use of this technology prior.  Even aside there are many advantages that people aren’t even aware of.  Here are some considerations with considering a ceiling lift system. Considerations prior to bathroom [...]

Ceiling lifts – improving the lives of persons with disabilities2012-03-13T13:53:15-06:00

Ceiling Lifts & Solutions for Safe Transfers at Home

BILD is an experienced and certified installer for Arjo Huntleigh ceiling transfer lift devices.  Our Accessibility specialists, with backgrounds in physical and occupational therapy, are the most qualified individuals to help you select and use a system that can greatly improve your quality of life.   Our experienced ceiling lift installers have undergone the most rigorous [...]

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