An affordable safe patient handling solution for healthcare facilities (and for home)
Anyone who has used a manual hoyer lift understands how challenging and difficult it can be to manage.  Typically people look into upgrading to a power hoyer lift, however there is an option that is much safer and less expensive, the p-300 portable ceiling lift system offered through Prism Medical/Waverley Glen.  The P-300 portable ceiling lift system has a number of advantages at a similar cost to a typical power hoyer lift.
portable ceiling lift - power hoyer alternativeHere are some things to consider:
The portable ceiling lift is safer & easier for a single caregiver to assist with transfers.  Manual and portable hoyer lifts can tip over and usually require an extra person to maneuver the large floor base for transfers.  Ceiling lifts allow caregivers to safely and closely assist the person they are transferring.
Ceiling lifts do not take up floor space.  The problem with hoyer lifts or other types of floor lifts is not only the space they occupy, but also the space needed to maneuver the lift for transfers.
Portable ceiling lifts can easily be used for travel.  Unlike most hoyer and floor lift systems portable ceiling lifts can be easily taken for travel.  Assembly and disassembly of the system takes 10-15 minutes, and components fit into a travel bag which is roughly the size of a golf bag.
Better positioning in the wheelchair.  Proper positioning in the wheelchair is extremely important for good posture, skin care, respiratory function, and well-being.  Hoyer lifts notoriously promote slouched and uneven positioning in the wheelchair whereas ceiling lift systems allow caregivers to more easily focus on proper positioning and posture.
Fewer caregivers required.  Because the caregiver is able to focus on closely assisting the individual being transferred rather than maneuvering a large/bulky frame around the room, often fewer caregivers can more safely assist with transferring an individual.
Assistive lift technology not only provides safer transfers and positioning to for your loved one, but also protects the caregiver’s well-being with safer and easier transfers.  For facilities, portable systems offer a versatile system that can easily be moved from one room to another.  For home owners the portable ceiling lift offers a non-remodeling and cost effective solution for safer transfers in the home and with traveling.
BILD is a unique physical/occupational therapist owned company provides superior solutions for transfer solutions in the home.  We offer many solutions to help meet your needs and can tailor a solution that makes life safer easier for you and your caregiver.  Many of our transfer solutions can assist not only with bed transfers but also bathroom management, weight bearing activities, and even walking activities with a standing harness.  We are experts in transfer solutions will assist you in proper instruction in the use of your transfer solution.   Call BILD today for better transfer solutions for your home or for your facility – 262-671-2032 (WI),  847-453-8866 (IL),  or 888-482-BILD (2453) (USA).  BILD offers many models of portable and fixed ceiling lift systems as well as floor lifts (standing and recumbent) transfer systems and slings.   We provide solutions from a variety of manufacturers including: Prism/Waverly Glen, Arjo, Tollos, Liko, and more.