Those who have used and benefited from ceiling transfer lift systems know many of the benefits and often wonder how they made it without use of this technology prior.  Even aside there are many advantages that people aren’t even aware of.  Here are some considerations with considering a ceiling lift system.

child and ceiling liftConsiderations prior to bathroom remodeling:

Before you remodel your bathroom think about the option of a ceiling lift which may provide safe bathroom access in addition to bed transfers without the extra cost of a bathroom remodel. Ceiling track systems can connect your bedroom to the bathroom and provide access to the toilet as well as the bathtub.
Accomplishing routing of the sling and track into the bathroom can be achieved either by notching the door frame (which can be reversed relatively easily) or by a strap connection system call the “tarzan strap.” This option allows access to both sides of a door frame without having to notch out the frame. For more information and pictures contact us at [email protected].

Safe transfers for patients as well as caregivers:

Ceiling lifts other than obviously conserving space that a floor lift, hoyer lift, or standing transfer lift would otherwise take up.  The sling systems for certain individuals will permit independence with transfers if they can manage hooking up the sling system independently and operating the system.  I have seen certain individuals who cannot otherwise perform independent transfers due to limitations such as weakness or arm contractures who transfer independently using ceiling lift sling systems.  The ceiling lift is also a more safe option as it will not tip over as may happen with a hoyer lift or transfer lift.  Finally ceiling lifts make it easier and safer for a single caregiver to manage a patient without help.

Safe exercise options (standing harnesses):

Ceiling lift systems provide the option of performing standing activities with the added benefit of protection from the ceiling lift system and harness.  This provides an added layer of protection and safety.  Many active parents and caregivers seek out ways that they can perform therapeutic interventions in the home and have found that use of the standing harness and track system provides a safe environment that allows greater freedom to perform standing activities.

Helping you meet your exact needs:

Many therapists are not even educated on the potential or benefits of ceiling lift systems, and most ceiling lift vendors have no idea of how to meet your highly individualized needs.  Our organization prides itself on the collaboration and common sense approach of physical and occupational therapists along with our installers and ceiling lift specialists to help meet your unique and individualized needs.  We want to help meet the best needs for your independence.
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