Ceiling lift imageBILD is an experienced and certified installer for Arjo Huntleigh ceiling transfer lift devices.  Our Accessibility specialists, with backgrounds in physical and occupational therapy, are the most qualified individuals to help you select and use a system that can greatly improve your quality of life.   Our experienced ceiling lift installers have undergone the most rigorous certification available to ensure that your home is accessible and safe.
Why to get a ceiling transfer lift system:
Reduce number of caregivers needed – ceiling transfer lift systems, make it possible for fewer caregivers to perform a transfer by making the transfer easier.  Our accessibility specialists are also experienced physical/occupational therapists who are still practicing and will help to train you and show you techniques that will make transferring easier and more effective.
Increased safety with transfers – by making it easier to assist with transfers the ceiling lift systems are safer for the caregivers and the individual being transferred as well.  It is not uncommon for hoyer lift systems to actually tip over and is much more cumbersome an space consuming than a ceiling lift system.
Bathroom and home access solutions – ceiling lift systems can be configured to track throughout the home and can actually lead into the bathroom as well for ease with toilet and tub transfers.  Custom slings that allow for safe transfers as well as access for bathing and toileting provide independence with all cares and tasks.child and ceiling lift
Caregiver safety – by increasing ease of use, ceiling transfer systems provide a safer option for caregivers to perform transfers while minimizing risk of injuring themselves particularly with back injuries.
In addition to the ceiling lift systems BILD offers other mechanical lift aides such as power hoyers, and lift pivot transfer systems that are offered through Arjo Huntleigh.  We also offer a unique wall transfer lift system that also is low profile and offers transferability in unique situations with the mobility lift system wall lift.
ceiling lift in bedroom
BILD provides the highest quality and greatest independence with home accessibility.  Let us come meet your needs with safe options for home transfer needs! Contact us for a free estimate at 262-671-2032 or 847-453-8866.  For more information visit www.bildnow.com, email [email protected], or visit https://www.bildnow.com/products/ceiling-lifts-and-transfer-devices/.