Crystal Elevators

Wisconsin Home Elevators

For those living in Wisconsin who are exploring options for a home elevator system – BILD represents some of the best elevator options in the state. BILD offers a number of options for residential elevator systems that provide beauty, efficiency, safety, and reliability. Our company carries a number of different options from a variety of manufacturers to meet your specific [...]

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Crystal Elevators – a premier BILD product that is “better by design”

Though Crystal Elevators are not new (having a 23 year history) they may be the best kept secret in the elevator industry with their exceptionally intelligent and dependable design.  Here are just a few reasons for why you should make a crystal elevator the choice for your home or community.  Crystal is the only traction drive [...]

Crystal Elevators – a premier BILD product that is “better by design”2019-12-16T13:49:20-06:00