For those living in Wisconsin who are exploring options for a home elevator system – BILD represents some of the best elevator options in the state.

BILD offers a number of options for residential elevator systems that provide beauty, efficiency, safety, and reliability. Our company carries a number of different options from a variety of manufacturers to meet your specific needs, including three systems which do NOT require a machine room.  We are factory certified installers and represent the elevator manufacturers: Savaria, RAM, and Harmar.  All of our elevator systems can be customized to fit any interior décor and professionally installed by BILD.


Savaria Telecab

Savaria has a long-standing history in the elevator industry as a premium home elevator manufacturer and provides a number of options for home elevators and other lift systems. One of these options, the Savaria Infinity system, is a long-standing and reliable hydraulic drive elevator.  This option provides an affordable and reliable system that has a longstanding history of dependable operation. Savaria provides a number of other safe and reliable options for home elevation including the Eclipse elevator system, one of the elevators which does not require a machine room. On the docket for approval from the state of Wisconsin early next year is the Savaria Telecab – this system, which is currently available in Illinois, has the unique space-saving feature of an enclosed cab which, when lowered down to the first floor, has flooring on top of the cab thus preserving floor-space on the level above.

Another premium system, again on the docket for Wisconsin, is the premium traction drive RAM Crystal home elevator.  A design which was modeled after high-rise style elevators, the Crystal is a best in class residential elevator system with a long-standing history of success, spanning over 20 years.  To this day, every Crystal elevator that has been installed is still fully operational.  The Crystal elevator system is a premium product which provides extreme durability, dependability, and structural integrity.  Perhaps the most significant feature of this system and what sets it far beyond any other system available in the market, is the fact that in case of power outage, the Crystal elevator can travel up and down on battery back up.  No other residential elevator currently has that capability, but what is even more amazing is that the Crystal is so efficient that it can make 40 trips on battery power – this delivers tremendous peace of mind.  Additional unique feature of this system include: structurally independent rails (providing greater safety and durability), non-fume and low maintenance rollers that do not require greasing, and all this without needing either a machine room or a pit.

Harmar mobility provides affordable and advanced options for home elevator mobility with the Harmar Everest and Everest Elite.  Through Harmar’s advanced residential elevator systems again we have a great option for a home elevator that does not require a machine room for operation.  The Everest system is available as an in-line geared system which provides quiet and smooth operation without requiring a machine room.  The Harmar Everest Elite system provides a hydraulic drive option that does provide a smooth and comfortable ride with smooth start and stop technology.

BILD is happy to provide options for safe and comfortable technology through elevators as well as other options for home mobility including: premium stair lifts (straight and custom/curved), vertical platform lifts, inclined platform lifts, and caregiver assisted mechanical wheelchair lifts.

BILD is unique in that our team can provide both elevator, lift and hoistway construction in-house with our team.   Please call us now at 262-671-2032 for a free initial consultation.



RAM Crystal

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Interior of Savaria Infinity