IMG_9665 (Levi-PC's conflicted copy 2011-05-30)Though Crystal Elevators are not new (having a 23 year history) they may be the best kept secret in the elevator industry with their exceptionally intelligent and dependable design.  Here are just a few reasons for why you should make a crystal elevator the choice for your home or community.  Crystal is the only traction drive system available for your home or church/business elevator.   These versatile systems can provide up to 1400 pounds of weight capacity and up to 50 feet of travel.   Here are many reasons why you should choose a crystal elevator as your system of choice, and what makes them unique:
1 – Better efficiency – A fully counterbalanced traction drive system uses 3-5X less energy than other similar systems and requires only 220 single phase current to meet energy needs.  Better energy efficiency also means better dependability on backup power in case of power outage.
2 – No fumes – The only system that does not involve grease or hydraulics which introduce fumes into your home or commercial environment.
image3 – Requires less space – A compact and efficient drive system and frame mean that you require no machine room, require no pit (with only 3” pit to allow for flush cab access), and less hoistway space requirements for more efficient use of space
4 – Incredibly reliable – With a proven history of reliability and quality the sealed worm gear drive, u grooved traction, and self lubricating rail guides the Crystal elevator provides a low maintenance intelligently designed elevator system.
5 – Unmatched safety – While the elevator industry prides itself on an incredibly high standard of safety, crystal raises the bar further.  The counterbalanced design and worm gear reduction motor provides the crystal elevator system with a safety factor unmatched by any of it’s competitors.
6 – Independent structural stability of the rail system – While other rail systems are dependent on the stability of the building they are secured to, the Crystal rail system is independently rigid and structurally sound providing another level of security and stability.
Crystal elevators offer the finest engineering and design.  Any options of customizable door, cab, and hoistway provide you with possibilities limited only by your imagination.  With our in house high end finish carpenters and installers we can complete your project from start to finish with seamless communication and quality to create the finest system available.  BILD is a preferred dealer for Crystal elevators and can help meet your home access needs for luxury, access, and peace of mind.  As a preferred dealer please call BILD at 262-671-2032 , or [email protected], to receive a free consultation and quote for a crystal home elevator or other elevator or lift options.  You can also learn more about RAM manufacturing or Crystal elevators at