BILD offers unique solutions for independence and bathroom safety at home, including modifications that can help meet your needs for bathroom access and bathing at home without the cost or resale implications associated with a full bathroom remodel.
Duralife & Duraglide bathroom safety solutions:
Duralife offers accessibility and safety solutions for your bathroom setup at home.  These PVC and adjustable option shower seats give you the option to slide from your shower & commode chair system into the tub without having to modify your existing bathroom area.
The Duraglide transfer system offers an easy shower transfer system that lets you lock in and glide into the shower area.
Advantages of this system include:
–          Ease of transfer assistance for caregivers
–          Preserving resale of your home – with a no-modification needed solution
–          A relatively low cost solution for bathroom safety and peace of mind
–          Customizable options for meeting different needs.
–          Roll- in seat fits over most standard commodes and has a commode bucket option
–          High grade/quality furniture grade PVC that won’t rust or deteriorate with water while offering affordability.
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