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The Arjo Sara Stedy Sit-to-Stand Transfer Lift

The Arjo Sara Stedy manual sit-to-stadn lift offers a safe and easy way to assist with transfers from the bed, wheelchair, toilet , and other furniture in the home.  

Sara Stedy features include:

  • Easy locking castor brakes – allow for easy assistance by the caregiver and safe transitions.
  • Easy rolling wheels – allow the transfer lift to move easily for safer transitions making it easier for the caregiver to move the lift.
  • Ergonomic seat pads – glide into place for a supportive sitting surface.
  • Narrow profile/width – allows the Sara Stedy transfer lift to fit through narrow doorways.
  • Adjustable width base – allows the transfer lift to fit around different size chairs, toilets, and seating surfaces.
  • Optional trunk strap – provides additional support for individuals who need extra support.

We can help you find the right transfer lift solution.  BILD’s team of transfer assistance experts provides nationally recognized expertise of options for safe transfer solutions, with physical therapists on staff who instruct safe patient handling techniques to professionals across the country.  We can help you find a safe option for transfers that protect both the caregiver and the person who is cared for.

Arjo transfer lift instructions

Arjo Sara Stedy Transfer Lift – Video Instructions on Use

  • Arjo Sara Stedy Transfer Lift Instructions  – The Arjo Sara Stedy transfer lift is typically operated by one individual who manages the transfer lift to assist with transfers.  The below video provides detailed instructions on safe and proper management of the Arjo Sara Stedy transfer lift.

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