Aluminum Modular Wheelchair Ramp Installed by BILD in Wauwatosa
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Modular wheelchair ramps are a great solution for wheelchair access to the home, and have many important advantages over wood wheelchair ramps.  BILD provides modular aluminum wheelchair ramps can be rented or purchased.  They are safe, durable, strong and adaptable to meet your mobility needs without worry or maintenance.

Modular Ramps Compared to Wood & Portable Ramps

Modular ramps differ from wood ramps in that they can be installed quickly, adjusted easily, and moved quickly.  Modular wheelchair ramps differ from portable wheelchair ramps, in that they include railings and are higher weight rated for improved safety.  Heavier than portable ramps, they are not meant to be moved on a routine basis, but rather can be installed to be left in place until they are no longer needed.

Benefits of Modular Ramps

  • Extremely low maintenance – do not rust
  • Installed without concrete footings – saves on cost
  • Layout can be reconfigured to meet your needs
  • Re-usable at different locations

Our modular wheelchair ramps are high-quality American made ramps, and we typically use grated flooring which provides superior traction and slip resistance.  As national experts on wheelchair accessibility, we will help configure a safe and accessible layout that will work well for your needs.

Milwaukee Wheelchair Ramp with Grated Flooring for Winter Safety
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Grated flooring options

The open weave grated design of our modular ramps allows snow, rain, and moisture to fall through the ramp surface.  This provides easier maintenance and increased safety for wheelchair users and caregivers who walk up and down the ramp.  The cross sections of floor grating on our wheelchair ramp sections and landings provide a natural pattern that increases traction for wheelchair tires and shoes for better traction and stability.

The superior design of the grated wheelchair ramp flooring prevents buildup of debris, provides slip resistance, and provides safer access for our colder weather Wisconsin and Illinois wheelchair ramp access.

Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp Installed by BILD in Waukesha
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Flexible designs

Modular wheelchair ramps can be easily moved to a different location and are a perfect solution for temporary situations.  Even for permanent wheelchair ramp solutions, modular aluminum wheelchair ramps are rust resistant, low maintenance, and longer lasting than wood (which naturally decays over time and requires repainting).  Modular wheelchair ramp layouts can be easily reconfigured if the wheelchair user’s needs change (such as shoulder injury or weakness issues).

Aluminum Ramp Installed in Milwaukee by BILD
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Rental options available

We rent modular wheelchair ramps in Milwaukee and the southeastern and central Wisconsin areas.  Modular ramps offer a great temporary solution for access due to their non-invasive nature which simply rests in place (without the need for concrete footings).  In addition to wheelchair ramp rentals we offer rent-to-own options, and offer rental options for other solutions such as: caregiver assisted stair climbers, stair lifts, and porch lifts.

About modular wheelchair ramps:

Do modular ramps come in different colors?

  • Modular wheelchair ramps can be ordered with a powder coated paint finish. There are many colors to choose from, however there is extra cost and production time required for powder coating.  If you are considering a powder coated finish for your ramp, it is recommended you do this when the wheelchair ramp is manufactured for a durable finish.

How quickly can modular wheelchair ramps be installed? 

  • Modular ramps are typically installed in less than a day.

What is the weight capacity of your modular ramp? 

  • The XM modular ramp system has an industry leading 1000 pound weight capacity. This is an industry leading weight capacity ramp system which is durable and safe to support the weight of yourself, your wheelchair and caregiver.

Where do you install modular ramps?

  • BILD is a Milwaukee based company who provides wood, concrete, and modular wheelchair ramp installations in Wisconsin and Illinois

Does BILD provide commercial modular wheelchair ramps?

  • We provide commercial ADA modular wheelchair ramps for businesses and public buildings in the Milwaukee and surrounding areas of Wisconsin.

Pete discusses how BILD modified his home with bathroom remodeling, door widenings, wheelchair lifts and a wheelchair ramp.