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Aging in Place with Community

Aging In Place is a Community Effort Having a safe and comfortable place to call home in our golden years is crucial to our health and happiness. And thanks to the village movement, senior-friendly renovations, and good old-fashioned determination, living in your own space is entirely possible. But it’s not something you can [...]

Aging in Place with Community2020-04-04T06:58:03-05:00

Today’s Actions, Tomorrow’s Stability: Tips for Financial Planning When You Have a Disability

Financial Planning Tips When You Have a Disability Everything you do today affects your financial future. When you have a disability, your decisions are even more crucial to your long-term livelihood. Fortunately, there are ways to plan ahead, even if you’re on a strict budget. From reaching for career advancement opportunities to buying [...]

Today’s Actions, Tomorrow’s Stability: Tips for Financial Planning When You Have a Disability2019-11-28T05:43:10-06:00

Features Seniors Should Look for in a Home

Finding a home that protects your independence: Aging in place has become a popular topic in recent years as more and more seniors make the decision to live at home as they grow older. And as we lengthen our collective lifespan, it’s important to make smart plans for the future and find ways [...]

Features Seniors Should Look for in a Home2019-12-07T08:20:19-06:00

How to Help a Senior Loved One Feel Warm, Welcome and Safe in Your Home

Bringing your parent to live with you It can be difficult to know when a senior parent or family member needs extra help. When that time comes, though, many people may opt to move older family members into their own home, rather than opt for another long-term care option. If this applies to [...]

How to Help a Senior Loved One Feel Warm, Welcome and Safe in Your Home2019-12-16T17:05:03-06:00

Accessibility Tips

Ways to Design Your Home for Accessibility More than 56 million Americans have a disability of some sort. While the American Disabilities Act makes no specific provision for the building of personal residences, building a home with accessibility in mind will enable residents to retain independence and remain in their own homes for [...]

Accessibility Tips2019-05-22T16:35:48-05:00

Medication Management Service

What is Medication Management? Our Medication Management Services provide assistance on 3 different levels: A simple text message reminder  can be provided as part of our Basic Alert Service For clients who would like a little more assistance, we can provide a Medication Compliance Operator  Check-in service. This works the same as the operator check-ins [...]

Medication Management Service2013-03-12T22:58:54-05:00

Medical Alarm Service

What is Medical Alarm Service? The Safe Living Technologies Basic Safety & Medical Alert service is a 24 hour push button personal response system.  Any time help is needed, whether a medical emergency or simply needing the help of a family member, neighbor, or friend, our alert button will summon help.   How Does Medical [...]

Medical Alarm Service2019-12-16T16:59:10-06:00