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Accessibility Tips

Ways to Design Your Home for Accessibility More than 56 million Americans have a disability of some sort. While the American Disabilities Act makes no specific provision for the building of personal residences, building a home with accessibility in mind will enable residents to retain independence and remain in their own homes for [...]

Accessibility Tips2019-05-22T16:35:48-05:00

Medication Management Service

What is Medication Management? Our Medication Management Services provide assistance on 3 different levels: A simple text message reminder  can be provided as part of our Basic Alert Service For clients who would like a little more assistance, we can provide a Medication Compliance Operator  Check-in service. This works the same as the operator check-ins [...]

Medication Management Service2013-03-12T22:58:54-05:00

Medical Alarm Service

What is Medical Alarm Service? The Safe Living Technologies Basic Safety & Medical Alert service is a 24 hour push button personal response system.  Any time help is needed, whether a medical emergency or simply needing the help of a family member, neighbor, or friend, our alert button will summon help.   How Does Medical [...]

Medical Alarm Service2013-03-12T20:37:37-05:00