Universal Design – Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen & Bath Business magazine recently featured an article on Universal Design for Kitchen remodeling featuring accessible kitchen remodeling considerations offered from therapists including Melissa Lydecker, MPT, CLIPP, ECHM, physical therapist and accessibility specialist from BILD – Bridgeway Independent Living Designs.   The article focused on considerations for accessible kitchen remodeling and modifications for individuals with cognitive challenges.  Kitchen remodeling for accessibility can be a challenge due to the functional challenges of food preparation activities, clean up and other “ADL – Activities of Daily Living” related tasks.  These activities are routinely addressed by occupational therapists with patients due to the functional considerations, safety concerns, and creative problem solving that occurs with kitchen accessibility.  Milwaukee based BILD (who serves the Chicago area as well) is a unique provider in this space as we combine the expertise of our in-house interior design, occupational and physical therapists, and national accessibility instruction of home modifications.

In this article on Universal Design for Kitchen Remodeling, BILD’s Melissa Lydecker collaborated with Louie Delaware from The Living in Place Institute for an article in Kitchen and Bath Business magazine about designing for clients with cognitive challenges.  Because our team includes medical professionals (occupational and physical therapists) who provide recommendations based on clients’ disease progression and prognosis, we were asked for feedback based on our work experience.

In the article, Melissa states, “An OT or PT who understands and has experience with individuals who demonstrate safety concerns is a vital asset to a design and remodeling team working with them.”  Click Here to read the full article.

Good accessible design for kitchen remodeling and accessibility requires thoughtful input and consideration that should be individualized to the person’s needs.  To help with the process of planning, we assembled a Guide for Accessible Kitchen Remodeling as a starting point for learning accessible kitchen remodeling ideas.

Contact our expert team if you’re interested in exploring more options for kitchen accessibility in your home.  Our Milwaukee and Chicago based accessibility team of designers, therapists, and accessibility experts can help you create a kitchen that serves your functional needs.