IPB300-TUBBILD is proud to provide unique solutions for independence and safety in your home.  BILD provides solutions for independence and bathroom safety with the Aquajoy and Peterman electric bath lifts.  This unique bath lift solution provides a water safe, battery powered solution for comfortably getting in and out of the bathtub.
This tub lift system offers individuals the ability to safely soak in the tub as the system will mechanically lower you to within 3.5” from the tub bottom.  It will allow you to soak in the tub but will raise to at least an 18” height with a motorized lift that comfortably brings you to tub bench height where one can get up from the tub safely and independently with minimal effort.
The Aquajoy bathlift system also comes with various accessories to make getting in and out of the tub much easier including a sliding gel disc that eliminates friction and allows one to more easily slide in and out of the bathtub.
The Peterman bath lift systems provide a variety of low cost solutions for accessible bathing.  Peterman offers a mechanical – manual lowering and raising system that will bring you into and out of the tub safely.  Peterman also offers 18” and 22” tub lift options that provide high quality at extremely competitive pricing.
aquajoy liftThis economical solution costs much less than a bathroom remodel and leaves your tub intact for future resale value.  BILD offers this unique solution at as an affordable alternative to bathroom remodeling.  Call 262-671-2032 to place an order for the BILD Aqualift bath lift system and mention our special internet offer for bathing comfort, safety and independence.
Visit the BILD website to learn more about tub lifts and other accessible bathing options.  Vist: https://www.bildnow.com/bathtub-lifts/  Call us at 262-671-2032 now to order your bathtub lift system!