BILD & the Sara Plus
Experience a new level of ease of use and patient comfort with the Sara plus. Powered by battery the Sara plus can greatly expand the amount of tasks patients can perform with only one caregiver! Use the Sara Plus with every day therapy as well as with every day transfers, dressing and toileting. The comfortable easy to use slings make the patient feel safe and secure as they are transferred from the sitting to the standing position. High quality construction allows the Sara Plus to provide years of worry free use in facilities and home care scenarios! The caregiver is exposed to minimal manual maneuvering of the patient with the Sara plus to minimize the risk of injury, now you can let the Sara Plus do the lifting!
sara plus
Help to promote safe transfers for both the care giver and patient! There are many options for transfers of patients but none as simple and secure as the Arjo Huntleigh line of Sara lifts and supports!