T.H.E Medical Transfer Aids

Here at BILD we are all about mobility.  Many of the standard features of the T.H.E portable lifts and transfer aids are especially useful in home care situations, dual battery power systems with charging reminders make sure your lift / aid is always ready to use. Low profile extension legs and casters give you the most options for use even under hospital style beds. Specially designed extension components keep your loved ones center of gravity low making the lift / aid easy and safe to maneuver. On-board digital scales give you a convenient way to monitor your loved ones health. Best of all, all of our T.H.E lifts are easy o operate and any one can learn to use them in a short period of time.

Hospital grade quality is nT.H.E Ultra Moveow available to everyone; contact us today for more information on our variety of portable lifts and aids for your home or facility.

Call: (262) 671-2032

Visit our website for more information on transfer lifts at WWW.BILDNOW.COM

Attention acute care facilities and hospitals, we have a limited number of demo units available for FREE use in your facility please contact BILD at 262-671-2032 or at [email protected] for more information.