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The Versatile Handicare Freecurve Curved Stair Lift

Handicare offers a premium curved stair lift that uses a unique single rail, for a stream-line and low profile design.  It offers a smooth ride, with custom seat options, rail color options, and more optional accessories than other curved stair lift available on the market.

When other curved stair lifts can not be installed the Handicare Freecurve curved stair lift can fit into narrow stairways.  The fold up rail for the Freecurve allows the lower portion of the rail to fold up and allow for an open pathway at the bottom of the stairs (as pictured below)

The Freecurve curved stair lift offers the following features:

  • 275 pound weight capacity
  • 5 year warranty on motor, 2 year warranty on parts
  • Standard battery backup
  • Single rail design for sleek appearance
  • Standard retractable seat belt
  • Standard safety stop sensors
  • Remote controls included as standard
  • Large sized footrest for comfortable support
  • Manual seat swivel with power swivel option

Variety of Seat Styles and Colors and Rail Colors

Elegance Seat

Handicare Elegance Freecurve Stairlift

The Elegance seat is lightly padded and offers a harmonious combination of stylish design and sophisticated comforts.

Alliance Seat

Handicare Freecurve Curved Stair Lift Alliance Seat

The faux-leather upholstery combined with the wooden framing give the Alliance seat it’s luxurious and stylish look. Truly a seat that matches every interior.

Classic Seat

Handicare Freecurve Classic Curved Stairlift Available for Purchase in SE Wisconsin

The best-selling Classic seat has an attractive leather grain effect finish. Made from durable, non-slip polyurethane, it is hard wearing and easy to keep clean.

Rail color can be selected from any RAL color – click here to see selection of rail color options from the RAL website

turn and go option - angle stairlift seat for narrow stairways

The Turn and Go Feature – Angles your chair for tight stairways

The Turn-and-Go feature allows turns the stair lift chair at an angle as you climb or descend the stairs.

When other stair lifts are not an option due to tight stairways, leg tightness, or for due to the size/height of the stair lift user, the “Turn-and Go” turns the stair lift seat to an angle as it moves up and down the stairs.  This allows for an easy and comfortable ride with easy clearance to ride up and down the stairs.

The turn and go feature can be incorporated with the Freecurve stair lift in any type of stairway as it uses  a custom rail, and turns you to a safe position at the top and bottom of the stairs for safe transfers.

folding rail for curved stair lift

The Automatic Folding Rail – lifts the rail out of the lower pathway

The Freecurve stair lift automatic folding rail feature lifts the railing up out of the way as the chair lift rides up the stair lift.  The stair lift user does not have to ride the stair lift to activate the folding rail feature, and can use the standard remotes to send the chair part way up the stairlift rail to allow the rail to fold up out of the lower pathway

The folding rail can lift the rail up to prevent blocking of:

  • pathways at the bottom of the stairs
  • doorways
  • cabinetry
lift seat for stair lift

Optional Accessory: Active Assist – Chair Lift Assistance for Sit to Stand

The active assist – seat lift, makes it easier to get up from your stair lift chair more easily with the pull of a lever.

The seat lift elevates your stair lift chair seat higher, for an easier transfer with coming to standing.  You are able to easily activate the lifting device by pulling a lever which is located underneath the stair lift seat.  This will allow for an easy sit to stand transition for individuals with limited strength and limited ability to make a sit to stand transfer.  The lift assist mechanism will automatically reset, the next time you sit down on the chair when it clicks back into the lowered seat position.

The “Active Assist” option, essentially makes your stair lift chair, into a lift chair, to allow for easier sit to stand transitions.

Other Options for the Freecurve Custom Rail Stair Lift

stair lift seat harnesses

Specialized Safety Harness Option and Specialized Chair Lift Seat

curved stair lift with power footrest

Optional Power Folding Footrest and Power Swivel

Illuminated footplate for curved stair lift

LED Footplate Light Accessory

We Serve the following communities: Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, Brookfield, New Berlin, Waukesha, Mequon, Cedarburg, West Bend, Racine, West Allis, Waukesha and all of Wisconsin and Northern Illinois

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