Many options are now available for decorative designer grab bars in the home that provide a great option for both beauty and safety.  Through BILD, there is a wide variety of options available, including many different finishes and styles, to match any décor.  Designer grab bars are available at a variety of costs and styles. A variety of different levels of affordability are available from Moen, Great Grabz, and Ponte Giulio.  Moen offers a number of affordable and beautiful options of decorative grab bars in different lines.  Great Grabs is another manufacturer who offers stylish and elegant options for beautiful home grab bars with unique and beautiful options.  Ponte Giulio offers grab bars that are available in a variety of colors;  the colored grab bars offered through Ponte Giulio, which are warm to touch and are bacteria resistant, offer great options for bathroom safety.

As an accessibility consultant and healthcare professional, one of the things I’ve often told my patients is to be aware of the fact that everything in the bathroom area should be secure.  If you’re falling, you will grab for the closest object within reach, period – no matter how strong or weak it is.

Image of grab bars

Two years ago, I gave my parents decorative grab bars from Healthcraft Products Incorporated.  They are now proudly displayed in my parent’s home as an enhancement to their newly remodeled bathrooms.   This series includes as pictured: a soap dish holder, a corner shelf, a toilet paper holder, and a towel bar.

Another line of affordable and beautiful functional grab bars is available from Moen.  This series features another line of beautiful grab bars with a shower soap and item shelf, towel holder, and toilet paper holder.

All of these items are available through BILD and can be ordered to your home directly or provided with installation in the greater Milwaukee Area.  A number of other safety products for the bathroom or the home that provide great options for home safety and beauty.

moen decorative grab bars

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