Solutions for safe transfers in the home
Accessibility options for safe and secure transfers in the home can make the difference of preventing a back injury for a caregiver, or the preventing an individual with impaired mobility from a hospitalization due to a fall. With recent advancements in lift technology a number of unique options are available for individuals with disabilities that can help keep them safe and secure.  Here are a few options that may help meet the needs of someone you know:
Sara Stedy or SA-400 sit to stand lift – This is a great option for individuals able to come to standing but are unable to weight shift for pivoting, or have limited endurance for Sara stedywalking to and from the bathroom or wheelchair.  To safely use a lift such as this an individual should be able to pull to standing with at least a single arm and leg.  After briefly standing however they may sit back as the paddles rotate down to provide a mobile seat the individual can be moved around on.  These systems can be moved through narrow doorways even less than 24” permitting safe and easy bathroom access and transfers.  Trunk harnesses are available for individuals with limited trunk stability/balance issues.
maxi move liftMaxi-move or power hoyer lift devices – BILD provides a variety of power hoyer systems that permit safe and independent transfers with power mobility.  The maxi-move provides a unique patient friendly design that allows for truly vertical lifting and minimal interference with the patient’s face with the highly arched crossbar.  The Maxi-move provides a safe and unique option for standing exercise and walking activities with a walking harness.  This is a unique floor lift system that provides options for safe and protected exercise assistance with a single caregiver.  Many standing harness options are available.
Power standing lifts – An option for the individual who requires dependent transfers but would benefit from weight bearing – a variety of powarjo standing hoister standing lifts are available.  These systems can facilitate weight bearing through the legs which provides lasting benefits including, facilitation of range of motion and stretch, permitting individual to safely help with leg strength, and reduction/moderation of spasticity.
Fixed cCeiling Lift - website imageeiling lifts and portable ceiling lifts – BILD provides a variety of options for both fixed and portable ceiling lift systems.  Ceiling lifts systems provide transfer and positioning solutions that are safe for the patient and caregiver, while often requiring fewer caregivers.  Ceiling lifts can also be used for safe assistance with standing activities and weight bearing with caregiver support.
If you are interested in learning more about lift technology options and which solution may meet your needs please contact BILD – Bridgeway Independent Living Designs.  BILD is a unique accessibility and home modification provider that was founded by physical and occupational therapists with accessibility training.  Call BILD now at:
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