Bridgeway Independent Living Designs is proud to present some of the best patient transfer systems available today. Built with Daily use in medical facilities in mind our lineup of patient lifts and slings will provide years of safe and comfortable use in your home or facility. One of our best systems the “Maxi Move” from Arjo Huntleigh gives the patient and caregiver piece of mind knowing that transferring the patient is as safe as possible when the equipment is used properly! Patients are kept comfortable and safe in a high quality nylon sling while the motorized lift prevents the caregiver from sustaining injury manually transferring the patient. The same technology found in hospitals around the U.S can be used in a patient’s home to provide the highest level of comfort and safety! The Maxi move can also be used as a therapy aid with our unique walking jacket that provides support for the patient while allowing them to build up muscle and coordination. Also the Maxi move can be used to assist in transferring a patient who has fallen from the floor to a seated or laying position easily with minimal risk to the patient and care giver.
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Enjoy this short video from the manufacturer: