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Menominee Falls, WI portable ceiling transfer lift

A Menomonee Falls, WI Ceiling Lift Project

Rob and Lucy planned to live out their retirement hiking, traveling and exploring.  They didn’t foresee that Rob would be diagnosed with ALS during his retirement in November 2017.  As the disease progressed and his mobility decreased, Rob and Lucy made the difficult decision to move back to Menomonee Falls, WI closer to family.  They bought a beautiful accessible condo that Rob could easily drive his motorized scooter around inside.  As everyday activities like getting over the step of the shower and getting in and out of bed became more difficult for Rob, Lucy needed equipment to assist with these activities.  The ALS society was able to loan the couple a shower chair to assist in the bathroom and a power hoyer lift to assist in the bedroom.  The hoyer did not fit inside of the bathroom, unfortunately, and when Rob fell in the bathroom, Lucy had to drag him into the bedroom in order to use the lift.

BILD gave a presentation at the ALS support group that Rob and Lucy attend, and she called us about bathroom recommendations after hearing the presentation.  We recommended a ceiling lift in the bathroom that would run straight from the toilet to the shower and still provide a transfer point from Rob’s power chair.  Because we have a ceiling lift on display in our showroom, Rob and Lucy were able to see what a ceiling lift looks like and try it out before making a decision about having one installed in their home.  One of our physical therapists was able to meet them in the showroom and explain how the lift works and then demonstrate this with Rob actually using a sling to transfer from his chair to a hospital bed.

The transfer lift demonstration went well, and Rob and Lucy decided to have the ceiling lift installed, and within one week of the installation, Rob was unable to stand on his own.  The same physical therapist who demonstrated use of the lift in our showroom, met Rob and Lucy at their home to educate them on use of the ceiling lift and to help to problem solve actual limitations and frustrations that they had been experiencing with mobility in their bathroom.  Now, Rob and Lucy use the lift for toilet transfers and shower transfers on a daily basis.  It has become a part of their daily routine.  It has provided them each with confidence, knowing that they have a safe way to complete Rob’s toileting and showering with only one person.  Lucy worked as a nurse for 43 years and has the knowledge and skill to complete Rob’s cares, but having the right equipment and the education on how to use it has truly made having him at home a safe reality.  We are grateful that we had the opportunity to help Lucy care for Rob in the comfort of their home.

BILD offers the most highly trained accessibility specialists (CAPS, CEAC, ECHM, CLIPP certified) who have backgrounds as experienced occupational and physical therapists. We are national experts who teach accessibility professionals on the topic of remodeling and accessibility options. Our unique, integrated approach and consultations with our clients ensures attention to detail for your safety and independence.