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A Brookfield, WI Stair Lift Installation

Paul, due to an illness had lost his mobility and required the use of a wheelchair to manage getting up and down from the stairs.  He had just purchased a beautiful home of his (and his wife’s) dreams in Brookfield, WI which had a beautiful winding staircase to get to the upstairs bedroom and master bathroom.  Knowing of BILD’s reputation as a quality accessibility company with their level of expertise and knowledge of individual mobility needs, lead them to trust BILD with installing a stair lift for their dream home.

BILD discussed stair lift options with the family, which included 3 different systems from different manufacturers which each had their own unique advantages.  Paul and his family decided on the beautiful Harmar Helix curved stair lift which has the benefits of a robust weight capacity with great durability, a beautiful design, and an onboard diagnostics port to allow for quick and easy diagnostics in case of any servicing by BILD’s factory certified technical team.

Precise manufacturing and fabrication of a custom rail for a curved stair lift provides a superior stairway fit, smooth ride, and low profile clearances in the home.  BILD was able to come out quickly and perform a precise photo-measure for Paul’s curved stair lift.  Due to the custom nature of curved stair lifts, typical production time can be 5-8 weeks for any of the quality custom curved stair lifts, whereas BILD maintains inventory of straight stair lifts that can be installed as soon as next day.

To meet Paul’s temporary needs, BILD was able to provide a temporary portable ramp that allowed Paul to have access to another area of the home during the fabrication time of the curved stair lift.  BILD also offered another option, the mobility lifter, which would allow his wife the ability to lift him up and down the stairs easily with a temporary caregiver-assisted stair climbing device.

The stair lift installation of the Harmar Helix is a quick process, with full installation within less than a day, with little disruption to the family routine.  They had chosen from a variety of options for colors and finishes to select a stair lift design that would preserve the integrity of their Brookfield home.  BILD’s  was able to assist Paul after installation with techniques and advice on how to perform safe and easier transfers to/from his stair lift, with individualized attention as an accessibility consultant who is also an experienced Physical Therapist and accessibility instructor.

We are proud of the independence and safety that we were able to provide to Paul and his family, and to others with accessibility needs.  Additional features that are found on our stair lift page provide additional safety and independence for stair lift users, including railing that turns around the upper landing to allow for easier transfers to/from the stair lift, and seats at the top of the stairs, that rotate to the side to allow for easier transfers and independence.  We’re happy that we could assist Paul and his family, with the gift of independence and safety in their home by providing solutions for independence and safety throughout the home.

BILD offers the most highly trained accessibility specialists (CAPS, CEAC, ECHM, CLIPP certified) who have backgrounds as experienced occupational and physical therapists. We are national experts who teach accessibility professionals on the topic of remodeling and accessibility options. Our unique, integrated approach and consultations with our clients ensures attention to detail for your safety and independence.