IRISIRIS – “Include, Respect, I Self direct” – is a forward looking Wisconsin state program that provides individuals with disabilities the ability to allocate their finances towards home adaptations that help them to remain in their homes.  As with any program there pros and cons that may (or may not) suit your individualized medical needs.  We encourage you to ask a qualified social work about the IRIS program or other options available to help determine what may best suit your individual needs.

BILD – Bridgeway Independent Living Designs, LLC is an remodelingaccessible remodeler providing accessible modifications: including barrier free bathrooms, walk in tubs, ramps, ceiling lifts, stair lifts, platform lifts, home elevators and numerous adaptations for accessibility and independence in the home.  BILD is unique from other companies in that it offers physical and occupational therapists who are trained in the field of accessible home modifications along with interior design, construction project managers and an in house team of tradesmen and lift/elevator specialists.

We have performed a number of modification projects for IRIS participants to improve the quality of their lives and promote their independence at home. If you would like to have us come out and provide a free in home consultation and estimate, please contact us today at: 262-671-2032.  Visit us online at: