LiftKar PT

Portable Battery Operated Stair Climber

LiftKar Stair Climber
The LiftKar PT is a unique and highly versatile solution for managing any stairs. Simply rest in the seat while the caregiver effortlessly guides the Lifter up or down a flight of steps. The LiftKar’s portability and battery operation free you up from having to make home modifications of any kind. At the same time, the ability to handle any stair material at any angle for indoor and outdoor use gives you a one-size-fits-all solution for assisted mobility.

No home modifications required!

The alternatives for transitioning between floors – stair lift, elevator, purchasing a ranch-style house – have two things in common: the solutions are permanent and limited to a single location. The LiftKar PT, on the other hand, is a convenient, ready-to-use, all-purpose solution for everywhere.

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liftkar pt-s

liftkar pt-u

Integrated seat                                         Manual wheelchair interface

liftkar lifting frame
In a very controlled operation, the lifting frame extends down to the next step, stabilizing the chair before the rear wheels follow.

Braking system is present and prevents unintended movement from the wheels.

liftkar crossbar
UP/DOWN switch is conveniently placed in the crossbar.
Auditory feedback alerts the caregiver on the proper angle adjustment during operation.
liftkar lift chair
The system can be customized with lateral support and harnesses for trunk stability.
liftkar speed settings

Three speed settings for stair climbing.

I. Slow 10 steps per minute

II. Medium 14 steps per minute

III. Fast 18 steps per minute


liftkar wheelchair lift

For wheelchair interface models: the chair is securely locked in with adjustable clamps.

liftkar wheelchair lift
Platforms designed for wheelchairs accommodate most wheelchair sizes and types.
liftkar disassembled
The LiftKar PT can disassemble into three manageable sections, allowing for convenient transport and storage.
liftkar storage

Features at a glance: 


  • 3 Speed settings – 10, 14 or 18 steps per minute
  • Single-step mode and continuous mode

  • Independence with mobile charger

  • Quick charge battery

  • Leaves no marks on stairs

  • Confident even on narrow, steep, spiral staircase

  • Angle indicator for perfect balance

  • Reliable step edge brakes

  • Comfort mode landing

  • Electrical and mechanical overload protection

  • Clearly laid out control panel

  • Quick and easy to dismantle into three parts

  • Easy to take with for travel

LiftKar PT Outdoor

Indoor, outdoor…

got you covered.

LiftKar PT indoor

Straight, spiraling,

doesn’t matter.

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