Keeping Caregivers Safe
Spinal cord injury
If you’re caring for a dependent loved one you owe it to them and to yourself to maximize both your own and their safety. With a combination of safe lifting techniques and the proper transfer system you can reduce your risk of injury and still provide the safe and secure transfers your loved one needs. The most common injuries to occur in caregivers are musculoskeletal and back injuries, at the professional level 12 out of 100 nurses in hospitals and 17.3 out of 100 nurses working in nursing homes report either of these injuries as a direct result of their every day work load and patient transfers.* If nurses with countless hours of training and experience are susceptible to a high rate of musculoskeletal and back injuries the average caregiver for a loved one faces a much greater risk of becoming injured as a result of improper transfer technique and the lack of proper transfer aids.
Nearly all patient transfer related injuries can be prevented with the proper use of transfer aids and slings. By reducing the amount of manual