Heavy Duty Lift PictureBILD is proud to provide the industry leading bariatric/heavy duty stair lift system to meet your home access needs.
Easy access to multiple floors in your home or business can easily be achieved with a Harmar Pinnacle Stairlift.  The Pinnacle Heavy Duty SL660HD Stair Lift is the industries most powerful heavy duty lift.  This American made lift can provide the power and ease that you desire, without compromising safety or space.
The lift runs on a patented “worm drive” that allows it to travel smoothly up or down stairs and allows it to carry an industry-best 600 pound load.
The safety on the Pinnacle Heavy Duty Lift is also some of the best in the industry.  It is equipped with a fold-up footrest with bi-directional footrest obstruction sensor, a 90o swivel when at a landing and of course seat belts, along with other safety features.  BILD offers some of the safest installation to go with the great product and by using BILD you can be confident that it was installed properly with you and your needs in mind.
Heavy Duty Blog Picture 2This lift also features terrific convenience, and can stay out of the way when not in use.  The lift can fold to protrude only 17″ from the wall, and then when unfolded, the seat has attractive upholstery and is 25″ across.  At installation, it can also be set up with your unique location and situation in mind; the track can have an angle of anywhere from 27o-52o and can span 16-40′.
As a factory trained installer and service provider for Harmar lifts, BILD would like to help you with your stairlift needs.  For more information, please contact is at 262-671-2032, [email protected], or bildnow.com., or see our page featuring this product.