Grip Aids can be a medical necessity, but popular products such as Dycem lack durability, get slippery when wet, are annoyingly sticky and can be a pain to wash. GRIP Solutions is a small company with increasing popularity, offering equivalent products to Dycem at similar prices but with drastically better quality.

Now, thanks to BILD, GRIP Solutions products are available from at even better prices.

What makes GRIP better?

  • Unlike other non-slip products, GRIP is not sticky! That means it’s more comfortable to use and tactile-friendly, easy to clean and longer lasting.
  • GRIP Products are extremely durable; a single pad can last for years.
  • GRIP Products are easy to clean, both hand wash and dishwasher safe.
  • GRIP offers superior gripping ability, as our company discovered when using a GRIP Roll to keep a box of products from sliding off a shelf in a van during a drive from Milwaukee to Chicago.

GRIP Footplate Pad

GRIP Footplate Pad
The GRIP Footplate Pad is intended to comfortably keep feet in place and help prevent foot and ankle injuries that occur when feet slide off of wheelchair footplates. The Pad (for individual footplates) also assists in maintaining posture while performing ADLs. Held in place by velcro straps, the Pad is quick and easy to put on or take off. The Footplate Pad can be ordered in sets of 2 from BILD at a discounted rate.

Grip Seat

The GRIP Seat aids with posture by preventing sliding in any seat, including wheelchairs. Eliminating sliding makes it easier to avoid slouching, helping you stay comfortable upright. The GRIP Seat can also stabilize wheelchair cushions, and is easily cut to various seat sizes, including pediatric.


Grip Transfer Mat
The Grip Transfer Mat is a flexible, non-slip mat that provides a stable pivot point to prevent feet from slipping on the floor. The Transfer Mat makes it easier to securely transfer from a sitting position to standing.

Roll PebbleGrip Rolls

Want to get the patented, top quality GRIP material but don’t need any of the products that you see? No problem! GRIP Solutions also offers rolls of the patented GRIP material that you can cut to any shape that you might need. The GRIP Rolls come in two textures, pebble and smooth.

Board 11X14 (1)Grip Board
The Lightweight GRIP Board is a rigid, non-slip, multi-use pad that is an ideal platform for transporting hot food, drinks, electronics, items for work or school, and much more. The GRIP Board fits comfortably on the lap for wheelchair use, or can be carried by hand. Available in a variety of colors and sizes.


Mug Holder (1)

GRIP Drink & Mug Holders
The GRIP Drink and Mug Holders are designed to be used with the GRIP Pad or Board to keep drinks in place and reduce tipping and spilling. Each is made from clear molded plastic, and is dishwasher-safe.

Mini GRIP-3

The Mini GRIP, featuring a strap to prevent the user’s hand from slipping, is ideal for a variety of daily tasks like opening medicine bottled, jars or water bottles. Grasping handles, utensils like hair brushes and handheld items like TV remote controls is much easier with the Mini GRIP.


Hand Grip 3Hand GRIP

For those who have difficulty grasping, the Hand GRIP is the perfect aid for daily activities such as brushing hair and teeth holding eating utensils, and writing.

Writing Grip 1

Writing GRIP
A smaller version of the Hand GRIP, the Writing GRIP makes it easy to use pens, pencils, paintbrushes, and crayons.

Wedge 1GRIP Wedge

The non-slip GRIP Wedge is an ergonomic aid designed to help hold objects in place at various angles while enhancing visualization, reach, grasp and overall function. The slanted, high-density foam Wedge makes books, writing pads, computers and tablets easier and more comfortable to use.

Switch Grip (2)Switch GRIP

The Unique Switch GRIP is a soft-sided, moldable cushion that provides a non-slip “cocoon” for computer switches, remote controls or other electronic devices on any tray, desk or table. The Switch GRIP, a versatile stability device, often eliminates the need for table top/tray velcro.