For individuals with limited dexterity or hand use – BILD has customized the Nexidea lift chair with easy to manage controls.  Watch the below video for the adapted Nexidea lift chair system to see how the up and down controls can be adapted for individuals with limited dexterity.  This system was adapted for an individual with ALS who was still able to utilize his legs for sit to stand transitions, however it will work well for individuals such as Central Cord Syndrome, Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, or other conditions which make it difficult to manage traditional controls.

The customized controls feature:
– A low force threshold making them easy to activate
– A generous cord length making allowing customized placement – the controls can be placed anywhere on the chair for easy activation at any location.  The individual who utilized this system had severely limited arm use and was able to utilize his legs to activate the lift chair controls.
Our high quality Nexidea lift chairs have offer extremely high quality and the following features:
– infinite adjustment – allowing individualized lifting and lowering of the chair position to the desired height
– battery backup – allowing one lift cycle operation of the chair in case of a power outage
– lifetime warranty on the motor and frame of the lift chair
To purchase a Nexidea lift chair with customized controls –
contact BILD at 888-482-BILD (2453)
To purchase the Nexidea lift chair with standard controls –
contact BILD at 888-482-BILD (2453) or Visit our Amazon Store