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Making decisions about long term care requirements for your loved one is not an easy one.  There are a number of factors to consider in making the best decision as aging or disability can cause our needs to change.  This is certainly depends on a number of factors and your individual situation, but it helps to know the facts prior to making a decision for your situation. 
The United States Genworth 2013 Cost of Care Survey provides information including ranges and averages of cost of care for all regions of the country.  Interestingly, Southeastern Wisconsin requires a much higher cost of care than the national average with average nursing home care at an average of $114,063/year (cost of private room in Nursing Home for Milwaukee area).  This is just the cost of average nursing home care, and if you visit the Genworth site you can look ahead to the projected costs with inflation for any timeframe.  Note that the Genworth statistics for assisted living do do not include the cost of meals and food, or caregiver assistance.
For many individuals, a much more cost effective solution and more comfortable solution for individuals involves the solution of making your home accessible.  For most individuals, as we age and our needs change, the environment of our home does not change.  As our vision changes, our physical abilitlies, endurance and balance requirements, our home environment stays the same.  Adapting the home can create a safer and more comfortable environment that allows individuals the luxury of staying in their homes or “aging in place,” for a fraction of the cost of nursing home care, or assisted living settings.
BILD is the region’s premier Aging in Place and accessible environment specialists with accessible modifications and solutions.  We combine unmatched training and expertise with practicing physical and occupational therapists on staff who are certified and teach professionals in the field of universal design and aging in place remodeling.  BILD is a family company which performs evaluations, assessments, and modifications with in-house craftsmen, and interior design service to provide solutions that maintain your function and safety as well as the beauty and integrity of your home.
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